A new and interesting Entresierras Adventures route through Andalusia

A tour of the Alazores bunker and the Júrtiga gall oak, an 800-year-old tree

Autumn is already upon us, but it is still a good time to enjoy nature and explore interesting places.

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Today the excellent YouTube channel Aventuras Entresierras takes us through two interesting locations in the lands of Andalusia. One of them is the bunker at the port of Alazores, between the provinces of Granada and Malaga. It is a military position from the Spanish Civil War, built by the Republican side in 1936. There was a second similar bunker, but it was demolished to make the current road.

The second location has to do with an 800-year-old tree, the Júrtiga gall oak, located in the town of Alhama de Granada. A splendid tree that began its days in the Middle Ages and that has survived numerous historical events (let's hope it continues to live for many more centuries). At the end of the video we see a dog with which I would like to draw attention to the unscrupulous people who abandon pets, something that always angers me, especially when I find those poor dogs abandoned in the mountains. The dog in the video shows the same fear of humans as many of these abandoned dogs, even when the protagonists of the video feed him (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see two screenshots of this video here. In the first we see the bunker of the port of Los Alazores, already in poor condition due to the passage of time.

And here we see the Júrtiga gall oak, a splendid tree that has seen a lot of history. Once again, many thanks to Aventuras Entresierras for their always entertaining and interesting videos.

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