Aventuras Entresierras shows these two places on the way to Mulhacén

A fascinating route through the abandoned town of Tablate and the anti-aircraft guns of Lanjarón

In the south of Spain, specifically in the province of Granada, is the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula: Mulhacén.

FlaK-18 in the Battery B-8 of Mount San Pedro
A tour of the old defenses of the Spanish city of Ceuta and its foghorn

This mountain, located in the Sierra Nevada, has a height of 3,479 meters above sea level. The group of explorers from has headed there Aventuras Entresierras, showing us along the way some curiosities that can be found in that part of eastern Andalusia. In this first part of its Operation Mulhacén, Aventuras Entresierras travels through the depopulated area of Tablate, in the municipality of El Pinar (Granada), which had up to 400 residents in the 19th century, but which finally ended abandoned in the 1990s.

The second point on this route leads to Lanjarón (Granada), a town famous for its springs and mineral water, but which also has an ideal tourist attraction for artillery fans: a route made up of four canyons. Two of them are old pieces: a cannon used in the War of Independence against the French and an 18th century naval cannon, donated by the Navy. The other two cannons are pieces of anti-aircraft artillery from the 20th century, which you can see in the video (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see some screenshots from the video here. We start with an aerial view of the depopulated Tablate. In the video you can see some of the buildings inside.

Here we see the first of Lanjarón's artillery cannons, a 90 mm M1, an American model from World War II. It is located next to the Lanjarón River.

Finally, in the video we see this 88 mm Trubia FT-44 cannon, the Spanish version of the FlaK-18, along with a mast with a Spanish Flag. The cannon is in the Mirador del Visillo and was donated by the Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC) of the Army to Lanjarón in 2020. It is like one of the cannons preserved in the Battery of Monte San Pedro in La Coruña .

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