During this event the Spanish Flag was raised on board for the first time

Photos of the delivery of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 to the Spanish Navy

This afternoon the official delivery of the first of the S-80 series submarines to the Spanish Navy was held in Cartagena.

The broadcast of the official delivery of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' to the Spanish Navy
The spectacular video of the Spanish submarine 'Isaac Peral' emerging near Cartagena

The new ship, the "Isaac Peral" S-81, was delivered by Navantia to the Spanish Navy in a ceremony held at the Cartagena Naval Arsenal, in which the crew of the new submarine raised the Spanish Flag for the first time. Spain on board. If you missed the live broadcast, by clicking here you can see the video of this event, in addition to knowing the characteristics of the new submarine and the delivery forecasts of the other three ships of this type that the Spanish Navy will receive. You can see below a selection of photos of this event published by the Spanish Navy and the Ministry of Defense.

The Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD), Admiral General Teodoro Esteban López Calderón, during his speech at the delivery ceremony of the new submarine.

The signing of the submarine transfer document from the General Directorate of Armaments and Materials of the Ministry of Defense to the Navy. Previously, the signing of the delivery document of the submarine delivery document by Navantia to the Ministry of Defense had taken place.

The Commander of the Submarine Flotilla, Captain Pedro Márquez de la Calleja (left), giving possession of command of the new submarine to the first commander of S-81, Lieutenant Commander Manuel Corral Iranzo. The new commander swore his appointment on a Bible.

Personnel from the General Corps of the Navy and the Marine Corps forming at the dock of the Cartagena Military Arsenal, next to the new submarine.

Lieutenant Commander Manuel Corral kissing the National Flag of the "Isaac Peral", during its official delivery to the ship.

The blessing of the Spanish Flag of S-81. In the background we see the submarine "Galerna" S-71.

The submarine "Isaac Peral" S-81 at the docks of the Cartagena Submarine Base, with all masts deployed.

A detail of the S-81 masts, which include a curious camouflage in two shades of gray to make them go more unnoticed.

The boarding of the S-81 crew. The first to board was its commander (on the right).

The crew of the S-81 forming on the submarine, to pay honors to the Flag of Spain.

The first raising of the Spanish Flag aboard the S-81. We see in the background, from left to right, the intelligence ship "Alerta" A-111 and the patrol ships "Toralla" P-81 and "Formentor" P-82.

The Flag of Spain already raised on the stern of the S-81.

The crew of the S-81 paying honors to the Flag of Spain, after its first hoisting aboard the S-81.

The crew of the S-81 singing the Navy Anthem, after the first raising of the Spanish Flag on board.

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