The 'City of Black Angels' exercise at the Mežaine military range

The tension of CQC combat in shocking images of a military exercise in Latvia

Close quarters combat (CQC) is one of the greatest challenges soldiers face due to its numerous risks.

These are the five smallest armies in the NATO, two of them in a zone of high tension
The Spanish fighters and ground forces in a military parade in Latvia

Although it is usually a type of combat usually assigned to special operations groups, many infantry units also train for a situation like that. From November 22 to 28, the Mežaine military range, in Latvia, was the scene of an international military exercise called "City of Black Angels", whose objective was to train the capabilities of allied forces and Latvian forces.

Members of the Latvian Army and the 4th Kurzeme Brigade of the Latvian National Guard (the local equivalent of the US National Guard) developed joint exercises with a French Army company , practicing military combat procedures to capture an objective in an urbanized area. This week, the Latvian Army released a very good video of this exercise, showing the stress that soldiers are under during a CQC combat in a ruined building. At the end the video includes statements in Latvian, unfortunately without subtitles, and English:

As I have already pointed out on some occasions, although it is a small force, the Latvian Army has very good combat cameras (COMCAM), and this video is good proof of this. Here are some screenshots.

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