A place in the interior of the province of Granada as if taken from a fairy tale

Moclín, its fortifications from the Spanish Civil War and the spectacular Gollizno route

In the south of Spain, in the interior of the province of Granada, there is a town called Moclín that has about 3,500 inhabitants.

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This town has spectacular beauty, with a formidable medieval castle and landscapes that seem like something out of a story. This town also preserves some of the 32 fortifications from the Spanish Civil War, built by the national side, which occupied this town at the beginning of October 1936. These fortification works were completed in February 1938. From these old positions you can still see a bunker, four riflemen's nests, a machine gun nest, a stone parapet and a personnel shelter, in the area known as Las Canteras, since it was a place from which stones were extracted to make mills.

Around Moclín there is a circular rural path that surrounds the town, the Gollizno route, which runs partly along a footbridge next to the Velillos River. On this route there are some very old gems: ancient Neolithic cave paintings, depicting hunting scenes. The route is very well maintained, it has beautiful views and a fountain, La Corcuela, with a curious spiral pattern. You can see it in another excellent video from the always interesting channel Aventuras Entresierras, which I don't like I tire of recommending that you subscribe (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

This time Aventuras Entresierras has made it difficult for me to choose captures, since the video is full of images of great beauty. The route begins at this site, the Mirador de la Bombarda, so called because it has a reproduction of one of these old artillery pieces.

Here we see one of the riflemen's nests from the Civil War, built with concrete.

Another position from the Civil War. They are very well preserved, like everything you see along this route.

The Tajos de la Hoz walkway, which runs next to the Velillos river. In the video you can see that it has a nice suspension bridge, although little Alfred doesn't seem to like it very much with so much movement, hehe.

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