This test has been carried out in the Cartagena Arsenal dock

The test firing of the Spanish submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 with its torpedo tubes

Today marks two months since the entry into service of the submarine "Isaac Peral" S-81, the first of its class, with the Spanish Navy.

Photos of the delivery of the submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81 to the Spanish Navy
Video and details of the first static immersion of the Spanish submarine 'Isaac Peral' S-81

Although this ship is already part of the Spanish Navy fleet, it is not yet fully operational, as its sea trials and the training of its crew continue. The Navy has published today a very interesting part of this training: the launch of simulated torpedoes from the ship's torpedo tubes.

From what can be seen in the video, the tests have been carried out in the Cartagena Arsenal dock, apparently firing the models in the direction of the Navy's submarine base.

The "Isaac Peral" has 6 533 mm torpedo tubes, capable of launching German-made DM2A4 torpedoes, guided by fiber optics and with a range of up to 50 kilometers.

What we see fired in the video is what the Navy has described as a "mockup", with the appearance of torpedoes but completely inert and painted a bright orange color to be able to follow their trajectory. Below these lines we can see that these models have four directional fins like real torpedoes.

Below these lines we see a shot with one of the port torpedo tubes. At the bow of the ship we see several sailors following the maneuver.

Another image of the shot from one of the port tubes. We see two Navy vessels next to the submarine following this training.

Finally, a shot with one of the starboard torpedo tubes.

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