The ship was hit by naval drones while patrolling the Black Sea

Images of the sinking of the Russian corvette 'Ivanovets' R-334 due to a Ukrainian attack

Russia's naval forces have again suffered a severe blow to their Black Sea fleet today from Ukrainian forces.

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The images of the Russian submarine that was seriously damaged in a Ukrainian attack

This noon, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (GUR) has reported that on the night of January 31 to February 1, soldiers of its special unit "Group 13" has destroyed the "Ivanovets" R-334 missile corvette of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. "The operation was possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the United24 platform," notes the GUR.

The Russian corvette "Ivanovets" in a photo taken on June 11, 2007. Its two 30 mm AK-630 cannons facing the stern and the four large anti-ship missile launchers are clearly visible (Photo: Andrey Brichevsky/

The GUR has indicated that the Russian ship "was patrolling the Black Sea near Lake Donuzlav, near occupied Crimea."The GUR Group 13 scored several direct hits on the hull by means of kamikaze drones, in such a way that the Russian ship "suffered damage incompatible with further movement: the "Ivanovets" listed towards the stern and sank."

The Russian corvette "Ivanovets" in a photo taken on September 4, 2012 in the waters of the Black Sea (Photo: Andrey Brichevsky/

The GUR adds: "The value of the ship lost by the aggressor state is approximately 60-70 million dollars. According to preliminary information, the search and rescue operation of the Russian occupiers in Donuzlav was not successful." According to the Ukrainian Navy, the "Ivanovets" had about 40 crew members on board.

The corvette "Ivanets" in a photo taken on June 7, 2023. In the image we can see its 76 mm AK-176 main gun on the bow and its four anti-ship missile launchers (Photo: Andrey Brichevsky/

The "Ivanovets" R-334 was a Project 1241 Molniya type ship, called "Tarantul" by NATO. The first ships of this type were built in 1979. About 80 units were completed, and four of them are in service in NATO countries (one in the Bulgarian Navy and three in the Romanian Navy ). The Russian naval forces had 20 corberas of this type in active use, 4 of them in the Black Sea.

The corvette "Ivanovets" in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea, on September 29, 2023 (Photo: Andrey Brichevsky/

These corvettes are 56 meters long and 10.5 meters wide. They are fast ships: they can reach a speed of 42 knots. They have a range of 2,400 nautical miles (4,400 km) and they are heavily armed. Each Tarantul corvette carries four P-15 Termit or P-270 Moskit anti-ship missiles, or 16 Kh-35 Uran anti-ship missiles. Each corvette has a 76 mm AK-176 main gun and 2 AK-630 30 mm guns, as anti-aircraft defense. The only surface-to-air missiles they carry on board are SA-N-5 man-portable missiles.

The GUR has published this video of the sinking of the Russian ship, confirming its information:

You can see some screenshots from the video here. Here we see one of the Ukrainian naval drones approaching the Russian corvette from its starboard side:

In this other image we see another Ukrainian naval drone very close to the stern of the Russian corvette.

A third Ukrainian naval drone approaching the Russian corvette from the port side. Below on the right we see that the ship already had a large hole in the hull, to the right of the bridge, probably caused by another drone Ukrainian naval

The drone in the previous image is heading towards the hole made by another drone. Ukraine has had an advantage in this case, as it knows this type of boat very well. The Ukrainian Navy had four corvettes of this type, which were captured by the Russians at the beginning of the invasion.

In the video, several strong explosions are observed on the ship. Judging by the images, the GUR must have launched at least four naval drones against the corvette, from different angles.

Another Ukrainian drone approaches the corvette, which is listing to starboard after the previous attacks. In the video we see how the corvette's 30 mm anti-aircraft guns fire at the drones, without much success.

The dramatic final image, with the corvette sinking astern, with its bow showing above the water.


Main photo: Andrey Brichevsky/ The corvette "Ivanovets" in a photo taken on July 5, 2017.

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