A strong explosion destroyed the ship, as some images show

This is how the Russian ship 'Novocherkask' remains: the Kremlin says it was only 'damaged'

After the Russian attack against Ukraine on Christmas Eve, Ukrainian forces counterattacked in the early hours of this Tuesday.

The Russian disaster in the air strike launched by Putin against Ukraine on Christmas Eve
The Ukrainian anti-aircraft ambush in which Russia has lost 3 Su-34 fighter-bombers

This morning, the Ukrainian Air Force reported the destruction of the "Novocherkask", a ship Russian landing of the Ropucha class. It is the fourth ship of this class to be attacked by Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, and it is the first to be completely destroyed. A few videos of the powerful explosion have been spread on social networks, the dimensions of which could perhaps be explained by the fact that the Ukrainian attack hit an ammunition or fuel depot on the ship.

Perhaps to reassure Russian citizens about the images that were being spread, the Kremlin-controlled Tass agency spread a news story with this title: "The Russian Ministry of Defense announcedan attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack the large landing ship "Novocherkassk"." The attack would have been carried out with two Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-24s. As a consequence of that mere "attempted" attack, according to the Kremlin, the ship was only "damaged."

However, when the day arrived, some photos of the attacked ship have demolished the Kremlin's version. Special Kherson Cat has published these photos of the port of Feodosia taken this morning, after the Ukrainian attack.

In case some people find it difficult to distinguish a boat there, Special Kherson Cat has spread this image< a> in which we observe the different parts of the ship before and now:

The explosion was so powerful that some parts of the ship have appeared about 650 meters from where it was moored . In this video we see a local resident showing a piece of the ship that fell near a supermarket:

Russian propaganda has not lied either: the ship is "damaged." Very damaged. Brutally damaged. But nothing happens. Surely with a little paint and some small repairs, tomorrow she will be sailing the Black Sea again.


Main photo Александр Вепрёв. The ship "Novocherkask" in a photo taken in August 2010.

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