Stunning views and fascinating ruins in Andalusia, southern Spain

A spectacular off-road route through the Sierra de Gádor, its mines and its refuges

The Sierra de Gádor is a spectacular mountain massif located in the province of Almería, Andalusia, in southern Spain.

The old anti-aircraft artillery battery of Cuesta de los Presos, in Almería
Moclín, its fortifications from the Spanish Civil War and the spectacular Gollizno route

As you may remember, last week we saw the first part of a route from our friends at Aventuras Entresierras (my favorite YouTube channel: I recommend you subscribe) through the Sierra de Gádor, starting at the old anti-aircraft artillery battery of the Cuesta de los Presos, built by the Republican side during the Civil War , and ending at the Sabinar mountain refuge.

On Saturday, Aventuras Entresierras published the second part of this spectacular route, which runs through the old mines of El Segundo, Pozo Lupión and Berja, the Pico del Nuevo Mundo, the mountain refuges of La Chanata and del Cortijo de La Zarba, to finish in the old Minas del Carmen, in the town of El Marchal de Antón López (Almería). A mountain route traveled with three SUVs, with spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada, the Mediterranean Sea and the "sea of plastic", as the extensive greenhouse area of Almería is called (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

I have to confess that this time I had a hard time selecting four screenshots to give you a preview of the video, because it is full of spectacular sites. Here we see the mineral washes of El Segundo, an old lead and fluorite mining operation in Berja.

A drone view image of the La Chanata mountain refuge, in Enix, where the protagonists of the video spent a night.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is where we see the Pozo Lupión mines. Here you can see the entry. In the video you can see the enormous interior of the mine and some of its galleries.

The video ends in the spectacular old Minas del Carmen, in the town of El Marchal de Antón López (El Marchal de Enix).

Once again, congratulations to Aventuras Entresierras for the excellent videos it publishes (although someone here has complained to me that Alfred is missing from this video). 😉

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