It was the base of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 76 until 2002

The old 'Sánchez de Aguilera' anti-aircraft artillery barracks in the city of Ferrol

In the 18th century, the city of Ferrol, in northern Galicia, became a site of great military importance for Spain.

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Under the reigns of Philip V and Ferdinand VI, Ferrol was chosen for the installation of shipyards and a military arsenal, becoming one of the main bases of the Spanish Navy and the most prominent of all. the north of Spain. The strategic importance of Ferrol required that the Army commit to its defense, which is why the construction of different barracks began.

The buildings of the "Sánchez Aguilera" Barracks in November 2008 (Photo: STGO web).

One of those military installations was the "Sánchez de Aguilera" Barracks, built in 1884 and named in honor of Dionisio Sánchez de Aguilera (1730-1811), a military engineer born in Seville and died in Ferrol, and author of several important military projects in that Galician city. Initially it served as headquarters for the 4th Plaza Artillery Battalion. In 1902 this barracks was expanded to house the Ferrol Artillery Regiment.

After its abandonment, the barracks has been used as a municipal car depot (Photo: STGO web).

Later, in 1960, the Mérida Infantry Regiment No. 44 settled there. The barracks occupied an area of 95,000 square meters. After the dissolution of the aforementioned regiment in the 1980s, the "Sánchez de Aguilera" Barracks became the headquarters of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 76 (RAAA 76), until its dissolution in December 2002, at which time the Army abandoned the barracks.

An aerial image of the main courtyard of the barracks in 2024 (Photo: Google Street View).

Since then, its facilities have been used as a municipal car depot. The place has been degrading little by little, while time has passed without the different administrations having agreed to give a new use to that large plot. The YouTube channel of Baterías de Costa del Golfo Ártabro (I recommend you subscribe, it has excellent content) has published a video showing images of the degradation of this barracks:

In 2014, the same YouTube channel published this video from 1997 in which we see images from when the barracks was active:


Photo: STGO web. The main building of the "Sánchez Aguilera" Barracks in a photo taken in November 2008.

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