Many media continue to give credibility to the lies of that terrorist group

Israel's response to the new Hamas hoax about an alleged massacre of 100 Palestinians

Yesterday, many Western media reported on an alleged massacre of 100 Palestinians at the hands of Israeli soldiers.

An Islamic Jihad rocket hits a hospital in Gaza and Hamas blames Israel
The bloody lies that antisemitism uses to feed Hamas terrorists

The origin of this information is the so-called "Gaza Ministry of Health", as can be seen at this BBC news whose title accepts this information as good, overlooking a very important fact: that "ministry" is controlled by Hamas terrorists and It has been publishing hoaxes and false information since the beginning of this war, as we already saw here. Hoaxes that are simply assumed by many media, accepting what a criminal gang says without any evidence.

Last night, the Israel Defense Forces responded to that hoax with a statement that you can see here in English. This statement includes data about what really happened and also images of the real events falsified by Hamas:

As usual, many Western journalists and media give more credibility to the Hamas terrorists than to a democratic country like Israel. Apparently, these journalists believe that a criminal gang that is capable of doing the things we saw on October 7 (murders, rapes, torture and kidnappings of men, women, children and even babies)they believe that terrorists can do all these atrocities but they are incapable of lying.

Or perhaps we could summarize it in a more exact way and closer to the origin of this infamous bias of many media: there are journalists who believe that Jews lie but that an anti-Semitic terrorist group must be believed, even when the purpose that Hamas seeks with these lies is more than evident: to cover up its responsibility in this war, which was caused by Hamas's attack on Israel, an attack that was the largest massacre suffered by the people Jewish since the Holocaust. Damn those journalists and those media.


Photo: AFP. Hamas terrorists parading through the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

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