A spectacular Entresierras Adventures route through the lands of Andalusia

The old stone towns of the Sierra de los Filabres and the Calar Alto Observatory

Last week, Aventuras Entresierras showed us the first part of a tour of the Sierra de los Filabres, in Almería.

A spectacular route in the Sierra de los Filabres in search of the Andalusian Machu Picchu
A spectacular off-road route through the Sierra de Gádor, its mines and its refuges

If the first part of that route was already interesting, the second is even better. Aventuras Entresierras (if you are not yet subscribed to this YouTube channel, I recommend that you follow it) has release this Sunday the video that traces that adventure in the mountain refuge where its protagonists had stayed.

This new video shows us some images of the ghost town of Los Canos, "the Andalusian Machu Picchu", and the mineral loading dock that we already saw in the first part. After a stop at the mountain refuge of Collado del Ramal, the friends of Aventuras Entresierras visit the mining town of Las Menas, with its iron bridge, its mines and its homes, now abandoned and waiting for a buyer.

The route continues in the Cortijo de El Conde, a refuge that appears to be closed and has a truly formidable environment. Afterwards, the protagonists of the video drive their Jeeps to the abandoned town of Los Carrascos, another of the stone towns on this fascinating route, whose next stop is the Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory, located at 2,168 meters above sea level, founded in 1973 as a collaboration between the governments of Spain and Germany and which it has five astronomical telescopes, including the largest in continental Europe. The route ends at the Refugio de Las Hoyas, in the municipality of Bacares (Almeria). The video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player:

As happened to me last week, it was not easy to choose four screenshots to show you a preview of the video, since it lasts 33 minutes and has very varied and interesting content. In the town of Las Menas, the explorers visit this mine, inside which they find an unpleasant surprise...

This was the old Civil Guard barracks in the town of Las Menas. The explorers tour it inside in the video.

The ruins of the town of Los Carrascos, one of the most spectacular sites on this already beautiful route.

One of the telescopes of the Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory, which since 2019 has been operated by the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (CSIC) and the Junta de Andalucía, dedicated to the search for exoplanets and the investigation of the star formation, galactic structure and cosmology.

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