A 1,440 meter sandy beach in Nigrán, with a beautiful view of the Cíes Islands

Patos beach, the beautiful surfer's paradise on the southern shore of the Vigo Estuary

The coast of Galicia has some of the best beaches in Spain, and within that region, the Ría de Vigo has magnificent beaches.

The two Munáiz-Argüelles cannons of the Battery J-3 of Monteferro, in the Vigo Estuary
The sober 'Beacon of the Dead' of Monteferro: history of the Monument to the Universal Navy

On the southern shore of the Ría de Vigo there are such popular beaches as Samil, the Vao and Playa América, but surf fans have a very special beach for them: Patos, in the town of Nigrán.

This sandy area has a length of 1,440 meters. The surroundings are spectacular, with the Monteferro peninsula on one side of the beach and beautiful views of the Cíes Islands at the bottom of the estuary.

The blue flag flies on this beach every summer, so it is a very good quality site. And as you can see in these photos I took on Friday, it is a fantastic place to watch the sunsets (especially from the viewpoint next to the beach), a dirt parking area too very popular among surfers.

Next to the beach there are several surf schools and some shops specialized in this sport. It is common to see surfers practicing in its waves until late in the afternoon. This Friday, taking advantage of the good weather, some stayed until dusk.

Of course, there are surfers in Patos even in bad weather, which is when there are the best waves. I took this photo on April 1, 2014 and it shows a surfer riding a wave during a yellow alert.

Next to the beach there are a few restaurants and cafes, with their corresponding terraces, where you can have a drink while enjoying the sunset, although personally I prefer the restaurants in Panjón, which is very close by.

Next to Patos beach there is a small beach, Carreiro, suitable for dogs. I haven't asked if Ducks is authorized for stuffed animals like Bilbo and Sam, but if you go with one, follow my bear's wise advice: don't put it in water because its fluff gets wet and shrinks.

I leave you here the location of Patos beach on Google Maps in case any time you want to visit it:

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