Spain participates with the Dédalo 24 Expeditionary Combat Group

The Spanish Navy together with the US Marines in the BALTOPS 24 exercise in Latvia

On June 7, NATO's Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) 24 exercise began, which takes place in the Baltic Sea until the 20th.

The joint deployment of the Spanish Navy and the French National Navy in Brittany
NATO highlights and shows the 'air power' of the Spanish aircraft carrier 'Juan Carlos I'

This exercise brings together more than 9,000 sailors and soldiers and more than 50 ships from member countries of the Atlantic Alliance. Spain has a large participation, which includes Spanish Navy personnel from the Dédalo 24 Expeditionary Combat Group, led by the aircraft carrier "Juan Carlos I" L-61. The multimedia portal of the US Armed Forces and the Army Latvian have published some images of the Spanish participation in this exercise, specifically at the "Mežaine" military range and in Skrunda, Latvia.

An AB-212 helicopter from the 3rd Squadron of the Spanish Navy in Skrunda on June 10, during this exercise.

US Marine personnel with two Spanish EAV-8B+ Harrier II Plus fighters of the 9th Squadron aboard the L-61 during this exercise, on June 11.

A Spanish VAMTAC ST-5 tactical vehicle from the Tercio de Armada equipped with a Spike anti-tank missile launcher at the Mežaine range.

A Spanish Marine from the Tercio de Armada aiming his FN Minimi light machine gun at the Mežaine range.

A Spanish Harrier II Plus flying over Skrunda on June 10.

A JLTV tactical vehicle of the US Marines at the Mežaine range, where it coincided with the Spanish Marines of the Tercio de Armada.

US and Spanish Marines disembarking from a Spanish AB-212 in Mežaine.

A VAMTAC ST-5 of the Tercio de Armada, armed with a 12.7 mm Browning M-2 machine gun, patrolling the Mežaine range.

Brigadier Generals Samuel L. Meyer and Andrew Priddy of the US Marines on a visit to L-61, accompanied by Rear Admiral David Walt of the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO.

Spanish Marines marching through the Mežaine industrial estate.

US and Spanish Marines boarding an AB-212 of the Spanish Navy in Skrunda.

A soldier from the Tercio de Armada in a CQC combat at the Mežaine range.

Spanish and US Marines at the Mežaine range.

This exercise is the farewell to the AB-212 of the Spanish Navy, which in July will be withdrawn from service, proceeding to the dissolution of the 3rd Squadron.

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