Self-mutilation is also seeking the shelter of political correctness

'Transability': Will They End Up Chasing People Who Say That It's Normal To Have Two Legs?

The increasingly absurd tendencies arising from the gender ideology of and the political correctness may end up looking something as insignificant next to the theme of this post.

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To be deaf, blind, amputee or paraplegic by choice

Three years ago, a Canadian newspaper, the National Post, published a report on the "transabled". The article referred to some people who feel like "like imposters in their bodies, their arms and legs in full working order", and who choose to become disabled ... self-mutilating themselves. The Canadian newspaper specifically cites Alexandre Baril, a professor at the University of Ottawa specializing in "diversity" who investigates the feminist, queer and transsexual movements. "We define transability as the desire or the need for a person identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment," Barik says. And what does that consist of? This is how this teacher explains: "The person could want to become deaf, blind, amputee, paraplegic. It’s a really, really strong desire."

The parallelism between transcapacity and transsexualism

The National Post cited a study by Clive Baldwin, of St. Thomas University in Fredericton, with 37 people from several countries who identify themselves as transabled. "Most of them are men. About half are in Germany and Switzerland," the Canadian newspaper says. "Most crave an amputation or paralysis, though he has interviewed one person who wants his penis removed. Another wants to be blind." The article talks about cases like that of an individual who calls himself One Hand Jason, who organize "accidents" to help achieve that goal. "One dropped an incredibly heavy concrete block on his legs — an attempt to injure himself so bad an amputation would be necessary. But doctors saved the leg. He limps, but it’s not the disability he wanted." The newspaper notes that some of the participants in that study "draw parallels to the experience many transexual people express of not feeling like they’re in the right body."

They try to equate self-mutilation with aesthetic surgery

At this point, many will be holding their hands to their heads. However, moral relativism, gender ideology and political correctness have been demolishing successive levees of rationality to the point that many people will be willing to accept the "transcapacidad" as a completely respectable individual choice: it is already ideologically paid for it and for even worse things. Clive Baldwin, author of the aforementioned study, expressed the similarities between this trend and transsexualism and even equated it with aesthetic surgery. The National Post even cites the case of a Scottish doctor, Dr. Robert Smith, who in the 1990s agreed to amputate the legs of two patients at their request. I found a reference to those cases in a story published in 2000 by the BBC. An independent deputy of the Parliament of Scotland, Dennis Canavan, said at the time that it seemed "incredible" for a doctor to agree to amputate healthy legs, but the Scottish autonomous government refused to open an investigation into what happened.

To say that it is normal to have two legs will also be a "hate crime"?

Taking into account that progressivism has taken steps such as calling "right" to kill and butcher unborn children, and now is engaged in issues such as euthanasia and assisted suicide, what objections can the political left to self-mutilation? Once it has thrown common sense overboard, none. Nor will it matter to it that this eagerness to become disabled is a disorder that appears in the WHO International Classification of Diseases, in section ICD-11, specifically section 6C21, entitled "Body integrity dysphoria". After all, transsexualism is included in section F64.0 of the ICD-10, and they are not only trying to normalize it socially and legally (in Spain, sex change operations are financed by the State, but not by myopia operations or orthodontics), but there are even politicians who consider it illegal to say that each sex has different genital organs. Seen this, and if we do nothing to avoid it, how long will it take to be accused of a "hate crime" for stating that it is normal to have two legs and two arms?


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