How to resist the growing ideological servitude that they are imposing on us

Five practical tips to get rid of the leftist ideological padlock

In our society the progressive ideology has reached a hegemonic position, to the point of threatening to become a unique way of thinking that many people assume without question.

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Among those many, of course, I include most people who see themselves as right, classical liberal or conservative. There are many ways of getting rid of the ideological padlock that has imposed the progressive pensée unique. I propose five ideas:

1. Progress and goodness are not the same as progressivism

Very often I read and listen to some people say that a certain leftist politician or action are not really progressive because they do not promote progress, an idea that comes from a clear confusion between a concept, progress, with an ideology, the progressivism. This is as erroneous as it would be to confuse the defense of the common good with communism. This is because many parties and most media try to convince us that being progressive makes you a good person and being conservative makes you hateful, intolerant and prejudiced, whose ideas deserve the rejection of the whole society. It is a brazen way of preventing the free debate of ideas, criminalizing the one who disagrees with that pensée unique. Declaring yourself progressive does not make you a good person or make your ideas better. What makes someone a good person is the goodness of his actions, not the supposed good intention of his ideas. Ideas are better if they conform to criteria of truth, justice and respect for the weakest and the rights of the person, and there are precisely many concepts of progressivism that marry poorly or openly contradict these criteria.

2. Justice and solidarity do not equal socialism

It is a confusion similar to the previous point. For example, it is not uncommon to hear that such a politician is not really socialist because he is not solidary or commits injustices. This mixture of concepts stems, of course, from the insistence that socialism has been presenting itself as the political movement that fights for the weakest, the most needy and those who thirst for justice. However, socialist politicians, parties and regimes have committed enormous injustices and plundered misery in various countries, often while the socialist political elite lived kingly. This does not mean that they have resigned from their socialist ideas, as innocently many people think (even many right-wing people). On the contrary: socialism is, in reality, the tight control of society by the State, suffocating liberties with the excuse of equality. A target that is fulfilled in a bad way - making everyone just as poor, at the most - but with whom many unwary are deceived.

3. Communist is an adjective as pejorative as nazi

The defeat of Nazism in World War II caused that their horrendous crimes were exposed before the world. "Fascist" became one of the worst insults that can throw you. The paradox is that many people, when it comes to pointing to a communist as an enemy of freedom, call him fascist or nazi. This is due, in large part, to the fact that there were Nüremberg Trials that brought to light the crimes of Nazism before the whole world, but there has not been a similar process with the crimes of communism. The Left itself, even in its most moderate forms, continues to whittle Communism, categorically rejecting any moral equivalence between red and nazi totalitarianism. At this point we already have enough historical documentation to conclude that communism is such a perverse, lethal and anti-freedom ideology as nazism, and that the crimes of marxist regimes are not the result of doctrinal deviations but direct consequences of their ideological collectivist approaches. Calling someone communist should be as negative as calling him a nazi.

4. Say it without fear: they are far-leftists

The constant displacement of the parliamentary right to center-left positions has given rise to a curious treatment in the media: the right no longer exists, and it is marked as a right-wing, no more, to any option that is merely right-wing, classical liberal or conservative. The same thing happens in the realm of religion. The political left and the media have for many years pressured Christians to adjust their beliefs to progressive ideology, even if this involves openly contradicting the Word of Christ. Catholics who remain faithful to the doctrine of the Church are stigmatized and labeled as ultra-catholic, which means that they are fanatics, fundamentalists and intolerant. However, it is very rare to find in the media reference to the far-left, not even to refer to that part of the left that maintains totalitarian postulates and continues to lend support to dictatorships. For many people being left-wing you automatically become a good person and, therefore, there is no place for negative references like the far-left. Well, it's not like that. The far-left exists and is more abundant than the far-right. And we must point it out without fear.

5. Contradict to the left is not a 'hate crime'

The difficulty of the left to fit different opinions is translating into political and media accusations of "hatred" against those who do not subscribe to the different ideological franchises of progressivism, a sign that is giving rise to a wave of insults, threats and even aggressions against the one who disagrees. If you disagree with the gender ideology you are called "transphobic", although you limit yourself to biological assumptions such as that the human species has two sexes and the differences between both have a mostly biological origin. If you disagree with anything that a LGTB lobby say they call you "homophobe," even if you limit yourself to defending freedoms against certain laws that, with the excuse of protecting that group, are cutting our fundamental rights. If you disagree with multiculturalism and criticize certain approaches to Islam, you are called "Islamophobic," while it is tolerated that Islamic fundamentalists impose sharia in entire neighborhoods of various European cities. However, the repeated insults, threats and attacks of leftist groups against Christianity almost never translate into headlines speaking of "cristianophobia". And is that because the left is using the accusations of "hate" to prevent people from disagreeing with their dogmas. The most pathetic thing is to see right-wing politicians and media collaborating with this crude ideological censorship. This implies assuming that the exercise of the right to freedom of speech only protects the leftist ideas, something unacceptable, because it would lead us to a dictatorship of thought. We must respond bluntly to those who accuse "hate" and seek to criminalize others for expressing ideas that do not coincide with leftists: that leftist accuses you of "hatred" because he wants to impose your ideas.

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