This is what happens when you try to silence what many people think

A Case of Streisand Effect: The Witch-Hunt Against Dissidents of the Gender Ideology

Almost a month ago began to circulate the famous orange bus, condemned by many people have for the simple fact of stating the obvious: that the boys have penis and the girls have vulva.

LGTB Threats and Censorship for Saying "Boys Have Penis and Girls Have Vulva"
New York: LGTB Extremists Attack the Orange CitizenGO Bus Breaking Windows

An attempt to censor something that is commonsense

In almost 13 years that I have been publishing this blog, I have rarely seen a witch-hunt as virulent as the one unleashed against a campaign that is only affirming something that any doctor notes before an ultrasound or at the time of attending a birth. Without many Spaniards realizing, politicians to whom they had voted have introduced laws that impose on the whole of society an ideology that demands the denial of reality. And those who insist on affirming what nature manifests, are insulted, threatened and attacked.

A wave of violence, hate and intolerance against the dissenting

These past weeks I have read and received a huge amount of barbarities and savagery against, against Alicia Rubio and against those who disagree with the gender ideology. Many members of the LGTB group, who demand respect and tolerance for them, have not hesitated to justify violence against those who do not think as they dictate. That includes justifying death threats, justifying physical assaults against vehicles and against people, and even wanting things like burning that bus and even encouraging someone to attack it. At the height of the teasing, these people so violent, so intolerant and so full of hate is the one that accuses the aggressors of "hate" and "intolerance". Do not you realize how ridiculous it sounds?

Politicians and their media, put in question

Instead of addressing an important debate, and perhaps because they know that in terms of argument, they have to lose, they have tried to prevent any discussion using verbal and physical violence, an attitude of totalitarian thugs. These fanatics of gender ideology begin to look dangerously like the nazi and communist agitators who were dedicated to intimidating their opponents by terror. The most alarming thing is to observe that no politician has condemned this wave of bullying, as if the thousands of insulted and threatened in recent weeks - this has suffered many people in social networks - did not care them at all. With that indifferent attitude, when not complicit, they have thrown overboard all their speeches about tolerance, respect and pluralism. They have made it clear to us that they respect only those who obey their dictates in matters of opinion. In fact, the same politicians who have been silent about this violence, are the same ones who have contributed to the witch-hunt against the attacked. And this also applies to the media that make them mere spokesmen of those politicians.

The positive side of this awkward witch-hunt

But even situations as adverse as this have something positive. Many people did not know what those politicians were imposing on their children at school and now they already know. And they have not heard from the bus, but from the exaggerated, furious and inquisitorial reaction of our political class and their media servitude. What happened with the bus is a large Streisand effect, a phenomenon that occurs when you try to censor something with such an excess that you have achieved the opposite effect: that everyone knows what you wanted to silence. They chose to kill a fly at gunpoint without realizing that the shots would be heard much more than the flight of the fly. But the best thing of the case has been that the gunshots have consisted in tipical resources of a dictatorship to silence those who disagree. Seeing politicians dictate fines and demanding censorship against ideas as legitimate as those of, is something that many Spaniards did not see since Franco. Many who do not live that dictatorship are now checking what it must be to live under one.

If they only have insults and violence it is because they are not right

The big drawback of an ideology that needs that bullying to sustain itself is that its feet are muddy. When you have no more arguments than insult and violence, your ideology is doomed to failure. Those of us who knew that the gender ideology was a huge lie, can be congratulated on the fact that the followers of this hoax are giving such an unfortunate spectacle. With each insult, with each threat and with each aggression, they show more and more the irrationality of their ideas. They may be deceived enough to think that with these mafia methods they can get a better world, but more and more people are realizing that something is wrong when you have to hold your views attacking those who think differently. It does not matter that many media strive to hide and manipulate the information, because with the Internet that information flows through many channels and eventually ends up reaching the public. In short, if gender ideologists want to bury their ideology, all they have to do is to continue along those violent paths. The more they insult, threaten and attack, the faster they will bury that hateful ideology, and more people will be against it.

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