Incendiary editorial of the socialist newspaper against the countries of Visegrad

El País Encourages the EU to Use “All Weapons” Against Poland and Hungary: Like the USSR Did?

The Spanish socialist newspaper had already published scathing editorials and mendacious news against these countries of the Visegrad Group, but this Wednesday it crossed all the limits.

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Campaign of punishment against Poland and Hungary for opposing the leftist dictates of Brussels

In its editorial on Wednesday, entitled “Stop Poland“, the leftist newspaper refers to the reform of Justice in Poland, a reform that I have detailed here. We must remember that this issue is nothing more than the excuse of Brussels to attack a Poland that refuses to renounce its Christian roots and maintains its rejection of mass immigration. It is especially curious to see European countries that do not respect judicial independence – starting with Luxembourg, the home country of Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission – attacking Poland for wanting to change a judicial system that remains anchored, in many aspects, in the communist regime disappeared in 1989.

The socialist newspaper encourages the EU to “use all the weapons at its disposal”

But the most striking is what El País says at the end of that editorial. After talking about the “anti-democratic excesses of Viktor Orbán” and “the authoritarian drift of Poland”, the leftist newspaper states: “the Union has the legitimacy to use all the weapons at its disposal to stop any authoritarian drift.” El País could have used the expression “all legal mechanisms” or “all legal tools”, but no: it talks about “using all the weapons”. Like the Soviet Union did? Recall that the dictatorship of Lenin invaded Poland, as an intermediate step to the expansion of Bolshevism throughout Europe, and against all hope the Poles stopped the Red Army in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, a historic victory that delayed more than two decades expansionism Communist in Europe.

The Stalin dictatorship imposed communist regimes in Hungary and Poland after the World War II. Ten years later, the USSR sent its tanks to crush the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (in 1968 it would do the same with Czechoslovakia). Poles and Hungarians had to wait until 1989 to see falling the regime of terror and oppression imposed on them after the war, largely with the complicity of the Western Allies, who distributed Europe with Stalin without consulting either Poles or Hungarians or other peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, who passed from the nazi yoke to the communist yoke. And now El País encourages us to use “all the weapons” against those two countries. Hallucinatory. Is this the Europe that the Left wants, an increasingly despotic Europe and that – as Stalin did – threatens with “weapons” to which it disagrees with the masters? Sincerely, as a Spaniard and as a person who cares for Poland and for Hungary, I abhor that Europe. All my support for the peoples of Hungary and Poland.

Niech żyje Polska! Éljen Magyarország!

(Photo: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook Page. The first ministers of Poland and Hungary, Mateusz Morawieck and Viktor Orbán, during a visit by the Polish ruler to Budapest last January)

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