It publishes an article by Maduro presenting himself as a great democrat

El País Censors Replies from Hungary and Poland But Admits the Dictator of Venezuela

"Our democracy is to protect." With this title, yesterday the Spanish newspaper El País published an article by Nicolás Maduro, dictator of Venezuela, accused of violating human rights.

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It publishes an article by Maduro presenting his regime as the true democracy

In his article, the Venezuelan dictator presents his tyrannical regime as an authentic democracy, implying that the others are false: "Our democracy is different from all others. Because all the others - in practically every country in the world - are democracies formed by and for the elites,", affirms the tyrant who is starving his people. "They are democracies where what is fair is what suits a few. They are class democracies, where the many are seen as more in quantity, but less in quality." It is outrageous that El País has agreed to publish these infamous claims, lies created to justify a regime that tramples on freedoms and human rights. But the most outrageous is the double yardstick of that newspaper.

It refused to publish a letter from the Polish Ambassador defending her country

Last year, after the publication of a slanderous article by El País against Poland, complaining that the Institute of the Polish National Memory published the names of almost 9,000 guards who worked in the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz, showing that they were almost all Germans, something that clashes with certain media campaigns - in which that newspaper participates - endeavored to present the Poles as accomplices of the Holocaust. The Polish Ambassador to Spain, Marzenna Adamczyk, sent a letter to the newspaper of the Grupo PRISA. El País did not publish the letter. The next day it was published on the website

It also refused to publish a letter from the Embassy of Hungary

On May 1, 2017, El País published an editorial in defense of billionaire George Soros entitled "Act against Orban", in which the PRISA newspaper asked the European People's Party to "expel from its party the party of the Hungarian prime minister." El País accused Orbán of defending "openly and ostentatiously racist and anti-European approaches." The Embassy of Hungary in Spain on several occasions requested the Spanish Socialist newspaper to publish a reply to the accusations launched from its publisher. El País refused. The letter of the Embassy was finally published by La Tribuna del País Vasco on September 4, 2017.

As far as we can see, the Spanish progressive newspaper does not admit that two democratic countries, Hungary and Poland, which are members of the European Union and have managed to free themselves from the yoke of half a century of communist dictatorships, can defend themselves, but admits that a dictator Socialist defend your antidemocratic regime as the most genuine of democracies. With this behavior, El País has made it very clear which is its international reference when it comes to talking about democracy and freedoms.

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