Her lawyer and the President of the European Parliament confirm her release

Asia Bibi has been released!

I have been waiting for this news for many years, because -as you know- I have been following the case of this Pakistani mother, who was condemned to death under a false accusation of blasphemy.

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The Asia Bibi's lawyer confirms that she is "on a plane but nobody knows where he will land"

As confirmed by Saif ul Malook, the lawyer of this Christian mother, to the BBC, Asia Bibi has finally been released after eight years on death row. The lawyer, who has had to take refuge in the Netherlands when receiving death threats from the Islamists, has confirmed that Asia Bibi is "in an airplane but nobody knows where it will land". The BBC also notes that an official of the Multan prison, where this Christian woman was imprisoned, has informed the AFP agency that they had received the order to release her. Yesterday the Government of Italian reported that it would help Asia Bibi to leave Pakistan, according to Matteo Salvini, vice-president of the Italian executive.

The President of the European Parliament confirms the release of the Christian mother

Likewise, yesterday the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, invited Asia Bibi and her family to visit it. Tajani posted a message asking the Pakistani authorities "to issue the necessary travel documents." He confirmed half an hour ago that "Asia Bibi has left the prison and has been transferred to a safe place! I thank the Pakistani authorities. I look forward meeting her and her family, in the European Parliament as soon as possible."

I thank God for the liberation of Asia Bibi and for being able to give this happy news. Hopefully soon she and her family can be together, already in freedom, even if it is far from their homeland.

+ UPDATED 8: 55h: According to Munir Ahmed of the Associated Press, Asia Bibi "is still in Pakistan," according to "senior officials who are aware of the case." Yesterday afternoon, Ahmed, citing two officials as sources, said that Asia Bibi was taken to Islamabad, the capital of the country, "for security reason." Two hours ago, Fawad Hussain, Pakistan's Information Minister, described as "false news" those claiming that Asia Bibi has left the country. At the moment the minister has not given more information about this case.

+ UPDATED 16:23h: After the news that the Christian mother has not yet left Pakistan, the MasLibres.org platform calls this afternoon at 7:00 pm for a vigil by Asia Bibi in front of the Embassy of Pakistan in Madrid, at the Pedro de Valdivia Street 16

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