"The mustache is as consubstantial to women as the breasts or the clitoris"

A socialist newspaper proposes a feminist struggle that promote the female moustache

In the Western world it has been many years since women achieved equality before the law and equal opportunities with men. This drives leftist feminism mad.

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"The mustache is as consubstantial to women as the breasts or the clitoris"

Despite this conquest of equality for Western women, leftist feminists are always looking for some excuse to try to convince us that women are more oppressed than ever because of patriarchy and capitalism. Today a socialist newspaper, the Spanish newspaper El País, publishes a delirious article in which it points to a new objective for the feminist movement: that women leave a mustache. The article recalls the times when feminists proposed not to shave their armpits: "The hairy armpits then became an instrument of political expression: a symbol of liberation, they got to have certain sexy connotations," the newspaper. After launching this statement, El País goes even further and publishes this slogan: "The mustache is as consubstantial to women as the breasts or the clitoris."

In the following paragraphs, the newspaper indicates that statistics show that women themselves reject the idea of leaving a mustache, with more energy than the idea of not shaving their legs or armpits. El País qualifies as "bravery" that a woman is left mustache to contradict what she considers a social convention. But I could add that it is not the only social convention linked to hygiene. It is also natural for a person to fart: it is worth asking how long it will take El País to launch a campaign in favor of the normalization of female farts, stating that their absence is a clear sign of macho oppression.

The goal of the new left: end human nature

The socialist newspaper quotes feminist professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein to affirm that "body hair is a taboo even for feminists." And if it turns out that it is something biological, and not just cultural, for women to worry about their physical appearance? "After all, it is still true that more mustache in a woman indicates a higher level of testosterone," the newspaper acknowledges for a moment. Testosterone is a dominant sex hormone in men, just like estrogen and progesterone are female sex hormones. The struggle of leftist feminism is not against "patriarchy", but against human nature. The new marxists, unable to convince anyone with the dogma of the class struggle, have wanted to transfer that scheme to the relations between men and women. Recall that the communist Shulamith Firestone, one of the ideologues of third wave feminism, wrote that "the definitive goal of the feminist revolution must be, unlike the first feminist movement, not simply to end the male privilege, but with the distinction of same sexes: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally." That is why the new left has declared war on biology.

It is a war destined to fail, just as the class struggle was. Communism aspired to a society that took equality to absurd extremes, even at the cost of suppressing those freedoms in which much of our differences lie. After all, the possibility that one is more or less rich depends largely on the risks that one is willing to take with his money. After the failure of communism in its fight against freedom, an even greater enemy is now proposed: human nature, and specifically the effects of sexual dimorphism of the human being. Men and women are different and complementary by nature, but for the new Marxists, what really happens is that men oppress women for the mere fact of looking like men.

El País considers 'machist' that men scratch their beards

A good example of this can be found in the same newspaper that today defends that the mustache "is clearly called to be the last symbol of the feminist struggle": two years ago El País published another delirious article in which it labeled as "machist stereotypes" that men scratch their chins or beards, even the mere fact of "hugging each other by patting their backs" and "sitting with their legs apart." The conclusion is increasingly clear: as Shulamith Firestone proposed, the new left does not want women to look like women or men to look like men; It seeks an asexual society, more and more similar to the one that Mao was looking for, trying to standardize all the Chinese in the same way. The left has not only learned nothing from the resounding failure of communism, but also intends to repeat it at the expense of our nature and, once again, at the expense of the suffering of others.


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