Patriotic response in the British capital to Black Lives Matter vandalism

British Army veterans mobilize to defend a monument to their fallen

The wave of vandalism against historical monuments promoted by the extreme left movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) has fed many British veterans.

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A few days ago the BLM protests reached The Cenotaph, a monument located in Whitehall, next to the British Parliament, which remembers the fallen of that country in the two world wars. Protesters attempted to burn the flag of the United Kingdom on the monument, sparking outrage for many veterans of the British Armed Forces.

In response to the announcement that BLM would demonstrate again on Saturday at the same site, numerous British Army veterans belonging to the Household Division Brotherhood, who have served in the regiments of the British Royal Guard division, have come today to the Cenotaph to protect it of new attacks, being greeted with applause (original video from Ministry of Truth):


Photo: Ministry of Truth.

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