It publishes an infamous and lying statement praising the communist regime

Black Lives Matter supports the Cuban dictatorship: Don't Cuban lives matter?

I have been denouncing for a long time that the Black Lives Matter movement is far-left. Today the democratic mask has been permanently removed.

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BLM used George Floyd's death to unleash a wave of violence in the USA

As you may recall, this movement became very active last year following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of American police officers. Black Lives Matter denounced what happened as a case of police brutality and racism, and used it as an excuse to unleash an unprecedented wave of violence in the United States, a few months after the presidential election that brought Joe Biden to the White House. It was a clear campaign of agitation for political purposes.

In case the ideological nature of the BLM movement was not clear enough, its co-founder Patrisse Cullors declared herself a "trained Marxist", which did not prevent her from buying four luxury homes thanks to the millionaire income obtained through donations by that movement. Likewise, last year Black Lives Matter attacked a monument dedicated to the victims of communism in Washington DC. The message was clear: black lives matter ... as long as they are not victims of a communist dictatorship.

Now BLM supports the communist dictatorship that represses Cubans

The definitive test has come with the recent protests calling for freedom in Cuba and the wave of repression that the communist dictatorship has unleashed to silence them. What is happening in Cuba is a massive case of police brutality, but in this case BLM has decided to support the dictatorship. Yesterday Black Lives Matter published a statement on its official Instagram channel. In it, the far-left movement takes on the lying speech of the Cuban communist regime on the US embargo. While the Cuban police detain, imprison and torture democrats on the island, what BLM does is condemn the United States, accusing it of "inhumane treatment" of Cubans for this embargo.

At the height of cynicism, Black Lives Matter accuses the United States of punishing the Cuban people "because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination." BLM does not speak of "dictatorship" at any time, but refers to the regime with the term "revolution", the same term used by communist propaganda in the island. Reading the statement, someone might think that Cuba is a democracy and the United States is an oppressive dictatorship: the world is turned upside down.

BLM's cynical praise for the Cuban dictatorship

To complete this gesture of indecency, BLM praises the communist dictatorship saying that it "has historically demonstrated solidarity with the oppressed peoples." A curious demonstration, taking into account that this one-party regime has been ruling Cuba as if it were its private estate for 62 years without calling free elections, and persecuting and imprisoning those who ask for freedom and democracy. Finally, BLM speaks of "violation of human rights", but not to accuse the communist dictatorship, but to accuse the United States for its embargo against that undemocratic regime.

That BLM statement is a colossal insult to the truth, and shows that this movement is actually a communist organization using the claim of "anti-racism" as a lure to deceive people. The lives of millions of Cubans - including many blacks - are of no concern to BLM.

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