A reenactment of the Battle of Bzurą in the German invasion of Poland

Łowicz 1939: a reenactment about the World War II with a shocking realism

Historical reenactment is a highly developed cultural spectacle in certain countries, but in Poland it reaches levels that are difficult to reach.

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An example of this is the reenactment "Łowicz 1939", a show that took place on September 11, 2021 in the Old Market Square in Łowicz, a Polish city of 28,000 inhabitants located 86 kilometers west of Warsaw. During the German invasion of Poland in 1939, that town was one of the scenes of the terrible Battle of Bzurą, one of the hardest fought on the western front of said invasion.

After several air raids, the Germans captured Łowicz on September 8, 1939, but the Polish Army counterattacked and managed to reconquer the city on the 14th. The town then became the center of fierce fighting in which it changed hands several times more, until the Poles, with heavy casualties and outnumbered by the invaders, were forced to abandon it on the night of September 16-17.

Terrible scenes were seen during the Łowicz fighting, which revealed the cruelty and unscrupulousness of the invaders. In one such fight, the Germans took about 100 civilians hostage to use as human shields during their attack, with the intention of preventing Polish soldiers from defending themselves by not being able to fire on their own compatriots. However, soldiers from the 16th Pomeranian Infantry Division set their bayonets and charged the Germans, managing to free the hostages, except two who were killed.

The aforementioned reenactment took place at night, organized by the Łódź House of Culture together with the Łowicz 10th Infantry Regiment Historical Association. There were re-enactors playing the role of civilians and soldiers, and the episode of the taking of hostages and their liberation was also staged, with a shocking realism that puts a lump in your throat. Here the video:

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