One of them shows that Russia intended to conclude the invasion on March 6

Ukraine captures and publishes secret Russian documents with its plans for the invasion

Russia is not only losing a considerable amount of personnel and material in the invasion of Ukraine, but also secret documents.

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This afternoon, at 16:25 CET, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has published five images on its Facebook page, corresponding to as many documents captured from the Russians. The Ministry notes: "Due to the successful actions of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers are losing not only equipment and manpower. In the panic, they leave behind secret documents."

The documents show that the invasion was ordered more than a month in advance, when the Russian propaganda media insisted on denying that it was going to take place. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry notes: "They knew about it, they planned and prepared it carefully. And we will say one thing to the Russian occupiers: keep your secret equipment and documents, we will need them, first, for our defenders, and second, for The Hague", referring to the International Criminal Court.

You can see the documents published by Ukraine below, with some explanations of what is read in them.

The first of these documents is entitled "Work card". The subtitle of the document reads: "Commander Wu Minbatr 1BTGR 810 OBRMP." According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, these are "the planning documents of one of the units of the tactical group of the Battalion of the 810th Separate Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation."

At the top of the page it reads "Black Sea Fleet". At the top right is indicated: "Secret", along with some reference numbers. Bottom right, the document reads: "Executed: Captain 1 Rank Vasilchuk D.V.", possibly the name of the officer these documents were assigned to. The most interesting thing is that, in the upper left corner, the document bears a postmark that according to Ukraine is dated January 18, 2022, that is, the invasion plans were approved at least that day, more than a month before the invasion to begin.

The second document is a calendar of the invasion, which runs from February 20 to March 6, meaning that the Russian government intended to conclude its military operations in two weeks, something that now seems highly unlikely due to fierce Ukrainian resistance. This calendar includes in each column a series of code names that would probably serve to communicate the goals achieved to the high command. They use a wide variety of words, such as "California", "Bauxite", "Iris", "Bottle", etc.

The third document captured and published by Ukraine is this plan, supposedly showing the advance of its forces on a certain area. "The enemy unit was to disembark from the Orsk VDK in the area of ​​the Stepanovka-1 settlement, and then act with the military units of the 58th Army of the Russian Federation, that is, with the 177th Separate Marine Infantry Regiment of the Russian Flora of the Sea Russian Black. The ultimate goal of these forces was to blockade and take control of Melitopol," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry says.

The fourth document appears to show an order of battle for the unit in question. I'm sorry I can't shed more light, but I can't figure out what the texts say.

The fifth and last document published by Ukraine is a list of the radio callsigns of the officers of the aforementioned Battalion. There are 27 in all.

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