The aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile launched by the Ukrainians

The impressive video of the shooting down of a Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is meeting stiff resistance from the Ukrainians, both on the ground and in the air.

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An example of this is the video broadcast today by the Ukrainian Telegram channel ДвіЩ showing the shooting down of a Russian Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter by Ukrainian forces, this morning. Rarely can you see a scene of war recorded so clearly:

According to the Centre for Information Resilience, the shooting down took place on the outskirts of Kozarovychi, in the Kiev district. Some sources indicate that the recording could have been made from a drone, and that the weapon used for the shoot-down could have been a Polish-made GROM surface-to-air missile (Poland sent a shipment to Ukraine weeks ago).

That Mi-24 would not have been the only helicopter of this type shot down today by the Ukrainians. Igor Girkin has published this noon these two images of a Russian Mi-24 shot down in Odessa, in southern Ukraine:

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