The scene was recorded by the Ukrainian aircraft, which received two shots

The surreal scene of a Russian soldier being chased by a Ukrainian drone

Drones are revolutionizing current military operations, as is being seen in Ukraine, and sometimes they also give rise to very curious scenes.

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This Wednesday, April 6, the Ukrainian Telegram channel КолесникNEWS posted a video showing a chase that looks like the Russian version of Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie "North by Northwest". In this case, the role of the biplane was played by a Ukrainian drone that was chasing a Russian soldier for a while, who looked back from time to time, looking at his pursuer. Ironically, it was an unarmed reconnaissance drone.

The Russian soldier ended up driving the drone to the hideout where some of his comrades were, who fired their rifles at the Ukrainian aircraft, which suffered two bullet wounds.

КолесникNEWS has published these three photos of the damage suffered by this drone, which its operators refer to by the nickname "Psikh":

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