Ukrainians capture more and more vehicles, many of them abandoned

Ukraine rearms with numerous captured Russian vehicles: the numbers are huge

Ukrainian tractors pulling military vehicles lost to the Russians have already become a clichéd image of this invasion.

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But beyond that topic, it is true that Ukraine is benefiting from the huge losses of Russian military vehicles. According to, which has been documenting with images the losses of both sides since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has already lost 2,575 military vehicles in Ukraine, of which 978 have been captured by the Ukrainians.

The losses of armored material are very striking. Russia has lost 450 tanks, of which 182 have been captured by the Ukrainians. The most punished models are the T-72B and the T-72B3 Obr. 2016, with 83 tanks lost each. The Ukrainians have managed to capture 33 T-72B and 30 T-72B3 Obr. 2016. Regarding the T-72B3 (66 tanks lost) and the T-80U (54 lost), the captures have added a total of 30 and 25 tanks, respectively. The most modern tank used by the Russians in this invasion, the T-90A, carries 17 lost vehicles, of which 9 have been captured.

A Russian T-90A tank captured by the Ukrainians (Source:

It should be remembered that the Supreme Rada of Ukraine established on April 1 rewards for the delivery of these vehicles, rewards that can be received by both Russian military and Ukrainian military and civilians who deliver them. Keep in mind that many of the tanks are being abandoned by the Russians, either due to lack of logistical supplies (especially fuel) or defections due to low morale of the invaders.

With the armored fighting vehicles (AFV) something similar happens: 283 lost by the Russians, of which 118 have been captured. The most punished model is the MT-LB: 111 lost. Likewise, Russia has lost 453 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), 160 of them captured. The most punished model has been the BMP-2, with 157 vehicles lost, and in this case only 40 captured. Likewise, the BTR-82A has lost 104 vehicles, of which 38 have been captured. In addition, the Russians have lost 89 armored personnel carriers (APCs), of which 45 have been captured. Of this type of vehicle, the most punished has been the BTR-80, with 46 units lost, of which 23 were captured.

A Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle captured by the Ukrainians (Source:

The figures for infantry mobility vehicles are also noteworthy, with 83 units lost, 26 of them captured. The most affected model has been the GAZ Tigr-M, with 61 units lost and 23 captured. The numbers of communication stations are also surprising: 19 lost, of which 6 were captured. Perhaps this explains why Russian communications are being so transparent to the Ukrainian forces.

Likewise, Russia has lost 728 vehicles of various types (trucks, SUVs, etc.), of which 223 have been captured. The hardest hit model was the Kamaz 6×6 truck, with 193 vehicles lost, 75 of them captured. It should be borne in mind that with these vehicles the cargo is also lost: in two of them the Ukrainians have managed to capture ZSU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns. Likewise, the Russians have lost 146 Ural-4320 trucks, of which 52 have been captured. Of the tanker version of this truck, the Russians have lost 42 units, 22 of them captured.

A Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier captured by the Ukrainians (Source:

As for engineering vehicles, the Russians have lost 92, of them 43 captured. As for artillery, the Russians have lost 11 heavy mortars (8 of them captured), 52 towed guns (33 captured), 84 self-propelled howitzers (35 captured), 48 multiple rocket launchers (23 captured) and 4 anti-aircraft guns (the 4 captured). Likewise, Russia has lost 9 radars, 6 of them captured.

Finally, in terms of aerial vehicles, the loss of 20 Russian aircraft (19 destroyed and 1 damaged), 32 helicopters (of which the Ukrainians managed to capture a damaged Ka-52 Alligator) and 22 drones (7 of them captured). The list is completed with 3 ships lost and 2 trains destroyed.

Three BM-21 Grad rocket launcher trucks and other Russian vehicles abandoned and captured by the Ukrainians (Source:

Although the numbers of captures invite optimism, they must be taken with caution. Many of the captured vehicles have been damaged or need replacement parts, and Ukraine may not have parts to repair them. Likewise, vehicles need trained crews to operate them, and that takes time.

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