Spetsnaz display flags of the regime that committed genocide in Ukraine

The communist paraphernalia of the Russian special forces deployed in Ukraine

Some people insist that Putin is not a communist, but evidence is mounting to the contrary. Those of today come from Russia.

A Russian Army tank advances through Ukraine waving a Soviet flag
Soviet flags and a statue of Lenin: the Russian communist paraphernalia in Ukraine

On April 22, the Russian Telegram channel ok_spn published a series of photos of operators of the Russian special forces in Ukraine, the famous Spetsnaz. In the images these soldiers are seen accompanied by a GAZ Tigr-M vehicle and armed with AK-74 assault rifles (equipped with 1P87 and PK1 Obzor optics, and one with a GP-25 grenade launcher attached) and a PKP machine gun (under These lines). They carry camouflaged weapons, a common custom in special operations groups. They wear uniforms with the Russian copy of the Multicam camouflage that FSB Spetsnaz groups have been using for years, as well as FAST-type helmets, typical of special operations groups.

Significantly, these Spetsnaz bear red patches with a white circle on their arms, the mark identified at the beginning of the invasion as being assigned to forces deployed in Belarus and who invaded Ukraine from the north, then being sent to eastern Ukraine.

But there is one thing even more striking:

Here we see the detail enlarged:

Here's another one with the communist flag:

The enlarged detail:

In this other photo we see a third Spetsnaz with a communist flag:

Here is the enlarged detail:

And a fourth:

Let us remember that the Soviet communist dictatorship perpetrated a genocide in Ukraine, known as the Holodomor, in which millions of people died from a famine deliberately caused by Stalin with massive grain requisitions. In 2015, the Ukrainian Parliament banned the display of nazi and communist symbols due to their clear association with totalitarian regimes that committed crimes of genocide.

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