There are already six ships that the Russian Navy has lost during this invasion

The destruction of two Russian patrol boats by a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone

This Monday, the Russian Black Sea fleet has once again suffered a harsh attack by Ukrainian forces, near the Snake Island.

The first images of the Russian cruiser Moskva after the attack that sank it
The full video of the Russian ships attacked by the Ukrainians in Berdyansk

A Ukrainian Air Force Bayraktar TB2 drone has destroyed two Russian Raptor-class high-speed coastal patrol boats, as the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported Monday morning. The Raptors are very modern and agile patrol boats, with a crew of 3 and capable of transporting 20 equipped marines. They can reach a speed of 48 knots (89 km/h), in favorable sea conditions. Here is the video of the attack on the two patrol boats:

There are already three patrol boats of this type that the Russian Navy has lost, of the 17 that it has in active service. On March 22, another Raptor-type patrol boat was already damaged by a 9M113 Konkurs missile attack near Mariupol, knocked out and had to be towed away. According to data from, the Russian Navy had 4-5 patrol boats of this type in its Black Sea Fleet. The rest of the units are distributed between its Baltic Sea and Caspian Sea fleets. In total, according to, there are already six ships that the Russian Navy has lost during this invasion.

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