Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters have been seen today flying over the city of Odessa

The images of the attack of Ukrainian Su-27 fighters on the Snake Island

Some sources had claimed that Russia had destroyed the Ukrainian Air Force in the early days of the invasion, but that was yet another hoax.

The attack of a Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2 against a Russian landing craft
New Ukrainian hit to the Russian Navy: attack on the frigate 'Admiral Makarov'

In fact, after 10:00 p.m. CET, the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda published this video showing an attack by two Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27 fighters against Russian military positions on Snake Island, near the Odessa region, footage recorded by a Ukrainian Air Force Bayraktar TB2 drone:

As you could already read in this website a few hours ago, images of another Ukrainian attack on that island were released this morning, showing the destruction of a Serna Class landing craft. These attacks could be a response to the recent Russian missile attacks on Odessa, which today have sent large plumes of smoke into the city.

Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters over Odessa

The Su-27s were not the only Ukrainian fighters seen today. This morning at 10:14 CET, the Telegram channel @odessa_typical posted this photo of a Ukrainian MiG-29 flying over Odessa, noting that two such aircraft were seen flying over the city.

The aircraft in the photo was equipped with two Vympel R-27 medium-range air-to-air missiles and four Vympel R-73 short-range missiles.

A Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft recorded in eastern Ukraine

In addition, a Tiktok user, Vitaly Shulga, published yesterday a video of a Ukrainian Su-25 attack plane flying at low altitude, some images that would have been recorded in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine Weapons Tracker has published this version of the video reducing its speed at the time of the plane's passage. The Ukrainian cockades under the wings are clearly visible:

Ukraine Weapons Tracker notes in this message that the plane carried four B-13L rocket launchers, each armed with five 122mm S-13 rockets, and two PTB-800 external fuel tanks under the wings.


Photo: Alessandro Fucito. An archive photo of a Ukrainian Su-27.

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