The aircraft was landing troops on the south side of Snake Island

The destruction of a Russian Mil Mi-8 helicopter by a Ukrainian TB2 drone

In the last hours, the Ukrainian Air Force is turning the Snake Island into a real hell for the Russian invaders.

The images of the attack of Ukrainian Su-27 fighters on the Snake Island
The attack of a Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2 against a Russian landing craft

Yesterday you could see here the attack of a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone against a Russian landing craft north of that island, located near the Ukrainian region of Odessa, and a few hours later the air attack carried out by two Su-27 fighters Ukrainians against Russian targets in the same place.

This morning, the Operational Command "South" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has published a new video showing the attack of a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone on a Russian Mil Mi-8 helicopter at the moment soldiers were disembarking. The drone itself recorded the scene of the attack. From what the images reveal, this happened in the south of the island:

The Operational Command "South" of Ukraine has pointed out: "We cannot stop doing this: we expel the enemy from every piece of our land, even from a small island, from the sea, even from the air."

The Bayraktar TB2 drones, manufactured in Turkey, are proving to be a powerful weapon in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, both as a reconnaissance and artillery guidance system, and in their attack role, thanks to their air-to-surface missiles UMTAS and CIRIT. The Ukrainian Air Force and the Ukrainian Navy operate the TB2, with 48 examples ordered in 2020 (in the first case) and 6 in the second.


Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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