Ukraine has lost 160 tanks, but captured 239 from Russian invaders

Russia already lost more than 3,600 vehicles in 11 weeks in Ukraine: these are their types

The Russian Armed Forces continue to fail to achieve their objectives in Ukraine, while continuing to suffer enormous losses in personnel and materiel.

Russia loses at least 32 armored vehicles in a single Ukrainian attack: this is how they remained
Ukraine exhibits the tanks captured from the Russians and now used against the invaders

Russia continues to fail to meet its objectives in Ukraine despite heavy casualties...

Today marks 11 weeks since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24, and the results for the invaders could not be more disastrous. Of the 10 largest cities in Ukraine, the Russians have only taken Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia (plus Sevastopol, which has been occupied since 2014). Despite their change of strategy on March 25, giving up Kiev due to the Russian Army's numerous logistical problems, the invaders remain stalled in most of eastern and southern Ukraine, and in some places the Ukrainians have gone over to the counterattack.

Russia has not reported its personnel losses for weeks, something that is explained by the poor progress of its aggression against Ukraine. This morning, Ukraine has claimed to have killed 26,650 Russian soldiers. If this figure is true, and if we stick to the figures published by the Journal of Special Operations Medicine, Vol. 7, No. 1-2, the Russian deaths in Ukraine in 11 weeks almost double the Soviet death toll in the invasion of Afghanistan between 1978 and 1989.

... and now it threatens to open a second front in Finland

Despite this, today Russia has again threatened Finland with military reprisals if it joins NATO. One wonders if Putin is so foolish as to want to start a second front while his forces are bleeding to death in Ukraine. Definitely, in the Kremlin they seem to have totally lost their sense of reality.

The huge material losses of the Russian Armed Forces

As for material losses, the most detailed information we have is that published by the independent website, which has been documenting the losses of each side with images since the beginning of the invasion. To date, that site notes that Russia has already lost 3,624 military vehicles in this invasion. These material losses are divided as follows:

  • 3,490 land vehicles, including 2 logistics trains.
  • 9 ships (1 cruise ship, 5 patrol ships, 1 landing ship and 2 landing craft).
  • 125 aerial vehicles (26 airplanes, 41 helicopters and 58 unmanned aerial vehicles).

Of the vehicles lost by the Russians, 2,006 have been destroyed, 71 have been damaged, 273 abandoned and 1,274 captured by the Ukrainians.

As for the Russian losses of ground vehicles, they are broken down as follows:

  • 665 tanks, including 396 variants of the T-72, 16 T-64BV, 127 T-80 of different variants, 20 T-90 and another 106 tanks whose model could not be specified.
  • 365 armored infantry vehicles, the most affected model being the MT-LB, with 105 units lost.
  • 705 infantry fighting vehicles, and most of them BMP-2 (255).
  • 108 armored personnel carriers.
  • 25 mine resistant vehicles (MRAP).
  • 108 infantry mobility vehicles.
  • 73 puestos de mando y comunicaciones.
  • 138 vehículos y equipos de ingenieros.
  • 14 self-propelled anti-tank systems.
  • 13 heavy mortars.
  • 60 towed artillery.
  • 111 self-propelled howitzerss.
  • 66 multiple rocket launchers.
  • 6 anti-aircraft gunss.
  • 15 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.
  • 59 surface-to-air missile launch systems.
  • 10 radars.
  • 8 electronic jamming systems.
  • 948 trucks, jeeps and various vehicles.

Materiel losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In turn, estimates the Ukrainian losses at 1,021 vehicles, which are divided as follows:

  • 955 ground vehicles.
  • 17 ships.
  • 49 aerial vehicles (20 airplanes, 7 helicopters and 22 unmanned aerial vehicles).

As for ground vehicles, the Ukrainians have lost 160 tanks, while they have captured 239 from the Russians. At this rate, the Russians will be forced to cease their offensive if they do not want to continue supplying tanks to the invaded.


Photo: InformNapalm. A Russian T-90A tank destroyed by the Ukrainians.

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