He proposes establishing the Victory Banner, with the hammer and the sickle

A deputy from Putin's party asks to change the Russian flag for a communist ensign

In the West, politicians and left-wing media insist on presenting Putin as a conservative, in an attempt to disassociate themselves from him.

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Well, as reported today by the official Russian agency RIA Novosti, deputy Mikhail Sheremet, a member of the United Russia party (that is, Vladimir Putin's party) "proposed recognizing the Victory Banner as the new state flag of Russia." Sheremet alleges the following: "Today, Western countries have declared war on the Victory Banner, banning it everywhere. They fear this symbol, as the red flag of victory reminds them of the greatness of our people and our great victory." One more example of the Soviet involutionism that that country is experiencing.

The Victory Banner, as the Soviet flag raised by the Red Army at the Reichstag in Berlin in May 1945 is known in Russia, is a red flag bearing the communist symbol of the hammer and the sickle. This flag is frequently seen among Russian troops in the invasion of Ukraine, along with the flag of the USSR. Now it only remains to be seen whether the left considers the hammer and the sickle a conservative symbol. It will also be interesting to see how Putin's right-wing admirers in the West justify their support for a party that has already displayed its nostalgia for communism many times and rejected European condemnations of communist crimes.


Photo: mopmr.org.

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