In 2017 he already claimed that demonizing Stalin was a way to "attack" Russia

Putin comes to the rescue of communism: he wants to ban equating the USSR with nazism

The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, seems determined to restore censorship in Russia to prevent criticism of Soviet communism.

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A reform to penalize equating the USSR with the Third Reich

A few days ago, the website of the Presidency of Russia published a note entitled "Перечень поручений по итогам заседания Совета по культуре и искусству" (List of instructions after the meeting of the Culture and Arts Council). In it, the following is indicated: "The President approved the list of instructions after the meeting of the Culture and Arts Council held on October 27, 2020." One of the provisions contained in the note reads as follows:

"Pr-77, article 2 b) Add to the calendar
b) with the participation of the Russian Organizing Committee "Pobeda", prepare for consideration during the spring session of 2021 a draft federal law on the introduction of amendments to the Federal Law "On the perpetuation of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" with the aim of establishing a ban on public identification of the role of the USSR and Nazi Germany in World War II (1939-1945)."

The current federal law already serves to cover up Soviet atrocities

The aforementioned Federal Law "on the perpetuation of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">can be consulted here. Its Article 6 prohibits "offending the multinational people and the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War." This rule could be used, for example, to prosecute those who report the mass rape of 100,000 Polish girls and women by Red Army soldiers at the end of World War II.

The historical facts that the new reform aims to hide

The amendment of this law that Putin is preparing would serve, for example, to prohibit the recall that Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland together after the German-Soviet pact of August 1939, which made them in fact allies, to the extent that the armies of both powers paraded together in Brześć Litewski. It could also serve to hide the collaboration between the Soviet NKVD and the German Gestapo between September 1939 and June 22, 1941, when the German invasion of Russia began, and the atrocities that Germans and Soviets committed against the Poles during the occupation.

But above all, what this reform can seek is to prevent people from remembering that communism was so criminal as nazism: it is enough to remember the more than 100 million deaths caused by communist dictatorships, of which more than 21 million were Soviet citizens Killed in purges, killed during deportations, and even starved to death by the Soviet regime itself, the best-known case being the Holodomor, a genocide caused by Stalin that starved 3.9 million Ukrainians to death, according to estimates of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

Putin has been defending communism and Stalin for years

Putin's defense of Soviet communism is nothing new. When the Council of Europe condemned the crimes of the communist dictatorships on January 25, 2006, the delegates of United Russia - Putin's party - voted against it, along with representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Similarly, when in September 2019 the European Parliament condemned the crimes of Nazism and Communism, Putin criticized that condemnation, saying it was "the height of cynicism."

We can get an idea of the scope of the reform that the Russian president is preparing if we take into account that in June 2017, Putin said that demonizing the dictator and genocidal Stalin is "a way to attack the Soviet Union and Russia." A few months later, in January 2018, Putin defended communism by equating it with Christianity and comparing Lenin's mummy with the relics of the saints, and stating that "communist ideology is very similar to Christianity. Freedom, brotherhood, brotherhood, justice… all this appears in the Holy Scriptures."

The amazing thing is that there are still Christians, conservatives and anti-communists who praise the Russian president and even present him as the great hope of Christian Europe in the face of progressivism and political correctness. They should look for a more coherent and reasonable reference.

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  1. SC

    If Putin is for Communism than why would he attend Christian mass events in Russia? Putin wants to preserve Russia and keep an honest, open look at Russian history, even the years when Stalin and Communism was around so people can learn from it and not go down that road like the USA and the West seems to be heading.

  2. If Putin wanted to be honest with Russian history, he would not prohibit Stalin from being equated with Hitler. The two dictators murdered millions of people. Why does Putin insist on shielding communism from all criticism?

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