Both have supported leftist organizations in the West

Neither Putin nor Soros: some data that certain people on the right seem to ignore

Some right-wing supporters of Vladimir Putin are accusing those of us who oppose the Russian tyrant of being accomplices of George Soros.

The George Soros of Moscow: Vladimir Putin and his support to the radical left of the West
Criticizing Soros is not anti-Semitism: even the Government of Israel considers him a threat

If you oppose Putin, are you supporting Soros?

According to some, by the mere fact of opposing the criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine, we would be joining the ideological agenda promoted by the Hungarian billionaire in various countries. The argument is purely fallacious and tricky, since there are many of us conservatives who reject both Putin and Soros. In fact, it is a more coherent position than calling oneself a conservative and supporting one of the two, in view of their ideological agendas.

A false dichotomy that was already raised in the 20th century

That dichotomy is as false as the one that already existed in the first half of the 20th century, when some argued that opposing communism made you a fascist, or that opposing fascism made you a communist. The reality is that there were many people of different ideologies - from conservatives and Christian Democrats to moderate socialists like the Spaniard Julián Besteiro - who rejected both communism and fascism. In fact, World War II was started by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, attacking as allies a Catholic and conservative country like Poland. Two totalitarian regimes against a democracy: that was the real dichotomy.

Soros and Putin are promoting very similar ideological agendas

In fact, a review of the facts makes it clear that both Soros and Putin have been supporting very similar, and sometimes even the same, policy options. In the case of Soros, his support is usually directed to parties of the so-called progressive or social democratic left, while the Putin regime has supported the more radical and anti-system left. In the end, the result of both supports coincides in promoting ideological agendas that promote abortion, gender ideology, sexual indoctrination in schools, political correctness and state interventionism.

Podemos, a 'reliable ally' of Soros and supported by the Kremlin media

The coincidences between the political projects supported by Putin and by Soros are truly amazing. In 2020 I already pointed out here the support of the Kremlin propaganda media for the far-left party Podemos, which currently governs in Spain by the hand of the socialist Pedro Sánchez, whom the opposition has indicated as being sponsored by Soros. The coincidences do not end there. Sánchez's party, the PSOE, and the Communist Party of Spain (PCE, to which two Spanish ministers belong), were associated with Russian parties that have supported the invasion of Ukraine. In the case of the Russian partner of the PSOE, he has been expelled from the Socialist International after the invasion, but the PCE still maintains its links with three Russian Stalinist parties.

In the document "Reliable Allies in the European Parliament (2014-2019)" (see PDF), prepared by Kumquat Consult for the Open Society European Policy Institute, founded by Soros, a section was dedicated to Spanish MEPs related to that organization (pages 97 and following), which included far-left politicians such as Pablo Iglesias (then leader of Podemos) and other members of that party and other far-left formations, as well as politicians from the PSOE and the Popular Party. Interestingly, one of the "reliable allies" cited in the document was the then United Left MEP Javier Couso, a communist who has been accused of buying Putin's speech after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Die Linke, a 'reliable ally' of Soros and dedicated to supporting Russia

There are even more coincidences. In the section of that document dedicated to Germany, far-left MEPs such as Cornelia Ernst, Tomás Händel, Fabio De Masi and Sabine Lösing, all of them members of Die Linke, a party also supported by the propaganda media of the Kremlin. Die Linke's relationship with the Kremlin has caused a major split in that party over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A few days before the start of this aggression, "have very pro-Russian views and vehemently defend Putin's policies."

The case of the Portuguese Communist Party

Another of the "reliable allies" cited in that document is João Ferreira MEP, a member of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), who on March 2 voted against the European condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and who has blamed the US of the war, assuming the speech of the Kremlin.

Collaboration between a Soros lobby and Iran, an ally of Russia

There are coincidences beyond Europe between Putin and Soros. In September 2018, the Iranian Islamist regime, an ally of Russia, acknowledged that it has been collaborating "closely" with the Open Society Foundations (OSF), an organization founded by Soros and that this tycoon uses to sponsor various political causes. Israel National News then pointed out that "OSF has funded a number of far-left organizations in Israel which seek to change the policy of Israel's government," including groups dedicated to defaming this state and promoting a commercial boycott against it. A rejection of Israel that is also promoted by the far-left parties supported by the Kremlin.

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