The millionaire has defended Hamas and collaborated with the Iranian regime

Criticizing Soros is not anti-Semitism: even the Government of Israel considers him a threat

Certain sectors of politics and journalism have moments of confusion that can turn out to be fun. Some of those moments are caused by the billionaire George Soros.

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What Soros did in Hungary occupied by the Nazis

Soros is an American billionaire of Hungarian origin. Son of a Jewish family, he lived the German occupation of Hungary. On his role in it, a digital newspaper of the Jewish community of Mexico, Enlace Juílio, commented in 2015: "He started working his filth early, very young, for a Judenrat and helping the Nazis in the deportation of our brothers from Hungary. ... while purchasing your confiscated assets for his benefit. However, according to a recent television interview, he does not feel remorse, saying that it was «the happiest period of his life»."

What made him jump to fame: the attack on the pound sterling in 1992

This character accumulated a huge fortune through financial speculation. The episode that made him famous happened in 1992, when one through one of his investment funds, the Quantum Fund, he carried out a speculative attack against the pound sterling, knocking it down and pocketing a billion dollars in the operation. You can read more details about it in this article of Gurusblog, a website specializing in economic issues. Maneuvers like this are the ones that started to give Soros a bad name, but they have not been the only ones.

A Jew who sponsors anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups

One of the most well-known facets of Soros today is his status as "philanthropist", a word that many media use to refer to him as a sponsor of various left movements, abortionists and in favor of open borders and mass immigration. But in addition, he has also financed organizations hostile to the State of Israel. Last October, a Jewish American digital newspaper, The Jewish Star, denounced: "While Soros is Jewish, he funds so many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic organizations that it is hard to believe any criticism of him to be based on his Jewish background. In addition to supporting the Woman’s March, which is run by anti-Semites, since 2001 the Soros network has given $2,688,561 to Adalah, which has accused Israel of war crimes and contributed charges to the now-disgraced Goldstone Report. Adalah has also called on governments the world over to sever or downgrade diplomatic relations with Israel." The Jewish Star also referred to the sponsorship by Soros of other groups that promote the boycott and isolation against the State of Israel, such as the Palestinian group I'lam and the American organization New Israel Fund (which in turn also sponsors the aforementioned Adalah and other initiatives that have been accused of anti-Semites, such as the BDS).

The allegation of Soros in defense of Hamas, an anti-Semitic and negationist criminal gang

The attitude of the American billionaire towards the Jewish people has left moments as shameful as the article that George Soros wrote on March 18, 2007 in the Financial Times, entitled: "America and Israel must open the door to Hamas." In that article, Soros defended "a political solution with Hamas," even whitening that Islamist organization with the following argument: "Both Israel and the US seem frozen in their unwillingness to negotiate with a Palestinian Authority that includes Hamas. The sticking-point is Hamas’s unwillingness to recognise the existence of Israel, but that could be made a condition for an eventual settlement rather than a precondition for negotiations." What Soros forgot to say is that Hamas is a terrorist group and radically anti-Semitic; years before that article of Soros, Hamas denied the Jewish Holocaust at the hands of the nazis. Only six days before the publication of that article by the billionaire, Hamas claimed that it sought the destruction of the State of Israel. And they have not limited himself to saying it: the terrorist group has been attacking the Israeli civilian population with rockets and mortars, in order to sow terror among them.

The links between Soros and Iran and the passivity of the EU in this regard

More recently, in September 2018, the Israeli newspaper Arutz Sheva noted that Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Zarif, has acknowledged that the Iranian government has been working closely with the Open Society Foundations (OSF), the organization that Soros uses to sponsor various political causes. Zarif made those statements before the Iranian Parliament. After learning the information, Italian MEP Mario Borghezio asked an official question in the European Parliament addressed to the European Commission, noting that Iran is "a theocratic regime that imprisons political dissidents, prosecutes homosexuals and segregates women is concerning", and that some MEPs "have links to organisations headed by Soros." Borghezio asked: "Does the Commission not believe that such a serious contradiction, between the stated aims of the OSF and the relations it maintains, should prompt a review of the links between EU institutions and organisations belonging to George Soros?"

The answer of the European Commission arrived on November 29. In the style of Pontius Pilate, he said: "The Commission is not in a position to comment on alleged links between Members of the European Parliament and non-governmental organisations. Furthermore, the relations between foreign governments and other entities are solely at the discretion of these governments." It is surprising that the EU should wash its hands like this in the face of the links between Soros and the Iranian regime, which has called the Holocaust a "myth invented by the West" and that threatens to destroy Israel.

The Government of Israel has denounced his activities against the Jewish state

Soros' support for Israel's enemies has been so blatant that in July 2017, the Israeli government called Soros a threat to its country, denouncing that the billionaire "continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments" and that he finances organizations "that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself." In December 2017, Israeli parliamentarian Miki Zohar of Likud (Netanyahu's party) proposed a law to block donations to Israeli NGOs by anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organizations, pointing directly to Soros. In February 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Soros of being behind a campaign against the Israeli government for its decision to deport illegal African immigrants.

The manipulations of the media related to Soros to present as anti-Semites those who criticize him

In spite of it, some followers of Soros try to criminalize all criticism to the multimillionaire using all the Jewish people like a shield. It is true that there are anti-Semitic that attack Soros for being Jewish, but that does not mean that all those who criticize Soros do so for that reason, just as criticizing a Christian person does not automatically make you anti-Christian. Obviating the most elementary logic, in November 2018, the Spanish leftist newspaper El Pais accused Trump of instigating the murders of Jews with his criticism of Soros. The accusation sounds like a macabre joke, if we consider that newspaper is one of the Spanish media that show the most hostility against the State of Israel. Yesterday, the head of opinion of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo described criticism of Soros as "the last mutation of the old anti-Semitic virus," together with an image of leaders of a conservative party, Vox, that has openly supported the state of Israel. Once again, the grossest lie and propaganda disguised as journalism. What will be next? Call the Government of Israel "anti-Semitic"?

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