The video also shows some forts and the lighthouse at Cape Trafalgar

A tour of the interior of the largest dovecote in the world and other sites in Barbate

I always say that Spain is a country full of interesting places and in which it pays to do the so-called alternative tourism. Today we will see another example here.

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The always interesting Youtube channel of Aventuras Entresierras, which I never tire of recommending (if you’re not subscribed yet, you’re already taking a long time), this afternoon published an interesting tour of the La Breña and Marismas del Barbate Natural Park, in this town from the province of Cadiz. In addition to some forts, the video shows us inside the Palomar de La Breña, built in the 18th century and which has 7,770 nests made of terracotta, with walls 11 meters high. A spectacular site that, despite being abandoned today, holds the Guinness record for the largest dovecote in the world.

Likewise, Aventuras Entresierras shows us the splendid lighthouse of Cape Trafalgar (I take this opportunity to thank them for the dedication of this visit). It was built in 1862 on the site of the historic battle of October 21, 1805, which pitted a fleet of 33 British ships under Vice Admiral Horacio Nelson against a fleet of 40 Spanish and French ships. The lighthouse, still active, is a white tower 34 meters high, which emits white light with a range of 22 nautical miles (about 41 kilometers). The video is in Spanish, but if you don’t understand this language, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player:

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