The Kremlin attacks civilian targets as revenge for its failures in the invasion

Ukraine: the savage destruction of the Palace of Culture in Lozova by Russia

The Putin regime continues to launch attacks against civilian targets in Ukraine. His latest target has been an important cultural center.

Russia has attacked 59 temples and religious centers in Ukraine: this is how they remained
Mariupol before the invasion, seen by a photographer killed by the Russians

This Friday, a Russian missile attacked the Palace of Culture in Lozova , in the Kharkov region, in northeastern Ukraine. The building, built in 1977, was completely destroyed. Here we can see the images of the attack:

The Ukrainian television channel has published this image of the destroyed building after the attack:

Russia has suffered a clear defeat in the Kharkov region, from where the Russian Army has ended up withdrawing in the face of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. This attack would be a cowardly revenge for this new Russian military failure, which has been a new humiliation for Putin after the failed siege of Kiev.

In its aggression against Ukraine, Russia is systematically attacking civilian buildings, many of them residential buildings, schools, hospitals, museums, churches and cultural centers, despite not being military targets. Although he cynically stated in February that his purpose was to "denazify" and "demilitarize" Ukraine, Putin is making it clear that he wants to destroy the people and culture of Ukraine, and is attempting to do so through acts deemed war crimes and crimes against humanity by international law.

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