Fabulous artillery recital of the Finnish Army in an exercise in Rovajärvi

“Minä puolustan tätä maata!” Finland shows its artillery systems after the Russian threats

A day after launching the invasion of Ukraine, Putin threatened Finland and Sweden with "serious military consequences" if they joined NATO.

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Russian threats have only served to encourage these two traditionally neutral countries to apply for membership in the Atlantic Alliance. Of these two countries, Finland is the one that has made this decision the fastest, since it shares 1,340 kilometers of borders with Russia. Let us remember that Finland was one of the few countries that managed to humiliate the USSR, disrupting Stalin's invasion plans in the Winter War (1939-1940), in which the Finns put up a tenacious resistance to the Soviets, preventing them from appropriate their entire country as they had already done with the Baltic republics.

A few days ago, the Finnish Defense Forces published an impressive video of the Lightning Strike 22 exercise, which took place in Rovajärvi, in the northern half of the country, from May 16 to 27. Some maneuvers in which 3,300 soldiers have participated, including some 2,500 conscripts, and which have been a fabulous artillery recital of the Finnish Army:

In the video you can see practically all the artillery systems of the Finnish Army:

Mortars, in this case of the 120 KRH 92 type, with a caliber of 120 mm.

Patria AMOS 120 mm self-propelled automatic mortars (named KRHPSAJON XA-361-AMOS in Finland).

Multiple rocket launcher 122 RAKH 89 M1 of 122 millimeters, a model of Czechoslovakian origin.

MLRS M-270D1 Multiple Rocket Launcher, named 298 RSRAKH 06 in Finland. Its Army has a total of 29 units, equipped with different types of projectiles.

Self-propelled howitzers K9 Thunder, manufactured in South Korea and with a caliber of 155 mm.

And 122 mm 2A18 towed howitzers, a model of Soviet origin, called 122 H 63 in Finland. The Finnish Army has 471 units of this artillery piece.

In a display of the spirit of resistance that Russian threats against Finland have once again awakened, on May 25 the Finnish Defense Forces released a video showing Finnish soldiers shouting: "Minä puolustan tätä maata!" (I will defend this country!):

In case the stiff resistance they have encountered in the Ukraine hasn't hit them, the Russians can already prepare for the white hell that awaits them in Finland if they dare set foot in Finland.

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