Russia concentrates irs offensive in the east due to irs failure on the other fronts

An intense scene of urban combat between Ukrainian and Russian forces in Severodonetsk

Severodonetsk, in the Lugansk oblast, is the scene of heavy fighting due to the Russian offensive to take that Ukrainian city.

The footage of the Ukrainian attack on the Russian ship 'Vasily Bekh'
Pro-Russian separatists want to execute three prisoners captured in Mariupol

This Friday, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, who volunteers to fight alongside the Ukrainian Army, posted an interesting video on his Twitter account @Marine_Ukraine, in which he shows an intense scene of combat between Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers from the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, on the one hand, and Russian and Chechen military on the other.

The scene has been recorded in Severodonetsk, as part of the Ukrainian counteroffensive to recover the areas of the city occupied by the Russian forces, which, having failed to achieve their objectives in kyiv and northern Ukraine, has decided to concentrate their efforts on this of the country, but so far with very slow progress. "We lost great warriors but we inflicted significant damage on RUS and Chechen spetsnaz. Nothing worth having is easy", this American volunteer says.

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