The surface-to-air missile turned around as soon as it was launched

The surprising scene of a missile launched by Russia turning against the Russians

The Russian Armed Forces are seriously diminishing their prestige in Ukraine, not only because of their war crimes, but also because of the poor development of their invasion.

The satellite images showing the massive robbery of Ukrainian grain by Russia
The footage of the Ukrainian attack on the Russian ship ‘Vasily Bekh’

There are scenes from the Russian invasion that are really surreal. One of them has been released today from the OSINTtechnical Twitter account, with more than 558,000 followers and which has been analyzing the development of the fighting in Ukraine for months. This morning it posted two videos showing the failed launch of a Russian surface-to-air missile, possibly an M-1 Tor, from the town of Alchevsk, in the Russian-occupied Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.

As seen in the two videos, recorded from different points, as soon as it was launched, the missile turned around and crashed into the territory occupied by the Russians. After the impact numerous alarms are heard, probably from cars and businesses in the area, which would have been activated by the shock wave generated by the strong explosion:

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