Putin is doing now with Ukraine what Stalin already did: loot it

The satellite images showing the massive robbery of Ukrainian grain by Russia

On February 24, Putin justified the Russian invasion of Ukraine by cynically saying that its purpose was to "demilitarize" and "denazify" those attacked.

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he reality is that Putin is doing the same thing in Ukraine that Stalin did in the 1930s: looting the grain produced by Ukrainian farmers, keeping part of it and trying to sell the rest of the stolen product to countries like Egypt and Lebanon ( who have refused to buy it), and then send it to the dictatorship of Syria, an ally of Moscow.

Recall that Stalin's theft of Ukrainian grain led to a genocide, the so-called Holodomor, in which millions of Ukrainians, especially children, starved to death. This new Russian robbery threatens to cause a global famine, which Third World countries would suffer especially. Far from denying it, the Kremlin tries to blackmail the West with this famine, making the end of sanctions against Russia a condition to avoid it, and thus ensure that Russian aggression against Ukraine goes unpunished. It is a new act of terrorism on the part of Russia, and one of the most cruel and perverse.

Radio Free Europe has published a comprehensive video showing satellite images showing this massive robbery of Ukrainian grain by Russia, a robbery that is being done both by ship and by long lines of trucks heading from Crimea to Russia:

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