The recreation has been elaborated on a computer using scientific data

A shocking video that compares the damage that different asteroids would cause to Earth

The possibility of an asteroid hitting Earth is a serious threat that has given rise to some excellent fictional films.

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Beyond what those movies show, what damage would the impact of an asteroid on Earth cause, in scientific terms? Álvaro Gracia Montoya, author of the excellent YouTube channel MetaBallStudios, has published a magnificent computerized video, in which he has had the scientific data provided by Dr. Ignacio Ferrin.

The video compares the level of destruction that asteroids of different sizes would cause on Earth, offering us, in some cases, images that are truly shocking. "The video tries to be as realistic and scientifically accurate as possible, except for details such as the speed of the shock waves so as not to lengthen the video too much," Álvaro says. The ending is rather chilling:

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