Excellent exhibition of the Rafale Solo Display at the Danish Airshow 2022

A flight of a French Rafale fighter in Denmark demonstrating its extreme maneuverability

France has a few things to be proud of, including the Eiffel Tower, its wines, its aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" and the Dassault Rafale fighter.

Las imágenes de la colisión en el aire entre dos cazas Rafale franceses en una exhibición
Cazas Rafale franceses en unas imágenes de una fabulosa calidad sobre una intercepción

The Rafale made its first flight in 1986 and entered service with the Armée de l'Air in 2001. It is currently the only active naval fighter of European origin, since the French National Navy operates it from the aforementioned aircraft carrier. France bought a total of 294 of these fighters: 234 for the Armée de l'Air and 60 for the Navy. It has also been exported to Greece, Qatar, Egypt and India. Its most recent buyers are Croatia and the United Arab Emirates.

This French fighter has good performance and excellent maneuverability. After all, Dassault Aviation has been building military aircraft since 1947 and has extensive experience building fighters, with models as famous as the Mirage III, the Mirage F-1 and the Mirage 2000, the latter still in service with the Armée de l'Air.

A few weeks ago, the French Rafale Solo Display was at the Danish Airshow 2022, an air show organized by the Danish Air Force at Karup Airport, Denmark. A few days ago, PaddyPatrone published a video of this exhibition, in which the French fighter made some spectacular maneuvers, showing that its pilot has a bomb-proof stomach:

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