Ukrainian soldiers entered a Russian camp that did not post guards

A surreal scene: Russian soldiers are captured by Ukrainians while they were sleeping

The lack of professionalism of the Russian Army in the Ukraine is giving rise to some scenes that deserve to be collected in a comic film.

Satellite images showing the destroyed planes at the Russian base in Saki
An enigmatic series of loud explosions at Russian air base of Novofedorivka

The Ukrainian medium Tpyxa News has spread this noon on Twitter a scene that is purely surreal. The outlet comments on what happened with these words: "Russian soldiers slept, and woke up already in Ukrainian captivity." The video shows a Ukrainian soldier (the carrier of the video camera), armed with an AKS-74 assault rifle, sneaking through what appears to be a Russian camp. The surprise comes at the end of the video:

Russian uniforms are seen on the ground in the camp, apparently in the Flora-type camouflage used by the Russian Army, and in the background a soldier can be seen sleeping under a red blanket. Next to him is a Berezka-type camouflage garment, still used by some Russian units and by the pro-Russian militiamen of the Dombas. The soldier who appears at the end of the video wears the famous Telnyashka, the striped shirt worn by the naval infantry of the Russian Navy and the airborne units of the Russian Army.

One wonders if the Russian Armed Forces have forgotten to stand guard when setting up camp in a combat zone. It seems unbelievable that they all get caught sleeping.

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