Russian forces have lost more than 250 military vehicles in just 6 days

The figures of the great Russian disaster in the face of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is having surprising success in the Kharkov and Kherson regions, putting the Russians in retreat.

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Russian losses between Monday and Saturday: 252 military vehicles

Russian losses are being considerable, with figures that show the disaster that this counteroffensive is causing for the invaders. Jakub Janovsky, one of the contributors to the (which has been documenting with images the material losses of both sides in the invasion of Ukraine since February 24), has this week has been pointing out the figures of vehicles lost by Russia between Monday and this Saturday: a total of 252, of which 138 have been captured by the Ukrainians (more than half).

A Russian T-72B3 tank obr. 2016 destroyed west of Kupiansk, in the Kharkov region (Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker).

The figures published by Janovsky include the loss by the Russians of 43 tanks since Monday, 24 of them (more than half) captured by the Ukrainians. Among the captured tanks there are 2 T-72B, 1 T-72BA, 10 T-72B3, 1 T-72B. Obr. 1989, 7 T-72Bs. Obr. 2016, 2 T-80BVs and 1 T-72 of an unspecified variant.

A Russian T-72B3 tank obr. 2016 captured by the Ukrainians in the Kharkov region (Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker).

Russian losses also include 56 infantry fighting vehicles (including models such as the BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2 and BMD-4), 33 of them (again more than half) captured by the Ukrainians. Among the captured vehicles of this type there are 10 BMP-1, 16 BMP-2, 3 BMP-3 and 4 BMD-2.

A BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle abandoned by the Russians (Photo: OSINTua).

A striking fact of the Russian losses is that of 7 command vehicles, 4 of them captured. E total is 1 R-149AKSh-1 captured, 3 R-149MA1 captured and 3 R-149MA1 destroyed. Among the Russian losses there are also 5 multiple rocket launchers, 4 of them captured, all four of the BM-21 Grad type.

A Russian R-149MA1 command vehicle destroyed by a Ukrainian ambush near Shevchenkove in the Kharkov region (Photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker).

These figures confirm one of the details that various reports about the Ukrainian counteroffensive have been pointing out: the Russians are fleeing leaving behind a good part of their material intact, increasing the resources of the defenders.

Two BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and a 2S19 Msta self-propelled howitzer abandoned by the Russians before the Ukrainian advance (Photo: OSINTua).

Among the Russian losses there are also a Sukhoi Su-25SM attack aircraft and a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter, both destroyed. Seeing the few Ukrainian losses, another detail is confirmed that even Russian sources are pointing out: the Russian Air Force is almost absent and the Ukrainian forces are advancing during the day practically undisturbed by the invaders' aircraft.

Ukrainian losses between Monday and Saturday: 23 military vehicles

As for Ukrainian losses, Janovsky has reported since Monday the loss of 23 vehicles (bear in mind that we are talking about losses documented with images). The figure is almost 11 times less than the figure for Russian vehicle losses. It's a huge difference. Among these losses, in addition, there are 5 planes and 1 helicopter that are not part of the casualties of this offensive, but are prior to it. Since Monday, the Ukrainians have lost only 3 tanks (1 T-80BV tank captured and 2 unidentified tanks destroyed) and 7 infantry fighting vehicles (4 BMP- 1 destroyed, 1 BMP-1 damaged, 1 BMP-1 damaged and abandoned, and 1 BMP-2 destroyed).


Main photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker. A destroyed Russian T-80BVM tank west of Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region.

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