Inside and outside there are still remains of the World War II

The interior of some tunnels used by the Third Reich as an ammunition depot

Despite all the time that has passed since World War II, there are still places related to that historical episode that seem unexplored.

The interior of two well-preserved Third Reich batteries on a British island
Maisy: the German Normandy battery that was mysteriously buried by the US

That seems to be the case for a network of tunnels found by a German urban explorer and shown in a video posted this afternoon on his channel WW2HistoryHunter. These tunnels were used as an ammunition depot for an artillery battery that had three 210 mm cannons. I cannot give more information, since the author of the video reveals absolutely nothing about the location of this ancient German military position:

You can see some screenshots of the video here. In this first image we see the exterior of the bunker, in whose construction railway tracks were used.

The entrance to the tunnels. It gives the impression that they took advantage of a natural cave.

The interior of the tunnels. If it was not a natural cave, the excavation was certainly crude and improvised (bear in mind that many of these works were done using slave labor brought from countries occupied by Germany).

The interior of the cave is flooded.

Remnants of what appear to be ammunition casings.

Another casing for ammunition outside.

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