The Kamaz BPM-97 Vystrel was going so fast and so loaded with that it overturned

The accident of a Russian armored vehicle in its swift escape from a Ukrainian attack

The image that the Russian army is giving in Ukraine is leaving its prestige on the ground. And sometimes not only its prestige, as a video has revealed.

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According to the Telegram channel Romanov Layt, the images were recorded on October 1 at the Berislavsky district, in the Kherson region, in the south of Ukraine. That day Romanov Layt already posted a short version of the video, but yesterday it posted the full version. It shows a group of Russian soldiers is in an area that begins to receive an attack from the Ukrainian artillery, and the stampede begins. The Russians flee in a Lada Niva SUV, an armored vehicle of BTR-80 personnel carrier and a Kamaz BPM-97 Vystrel MRAP. The latter flees so fast that he ends up running off the road and overturning. Here you can see an English subtitled version of the full video:

You can see here a series of captures of the original video, in which we are going to see some interesting details. Here we see the convoy in which the Russian soldiers fled the Ukrainian artillery attack. In the foreground we see a Lada Niva SUV with the flag of pro-Russian Donetsk separatists painted on the back, indicating that these soldiers could be in part pro-Russian militiamen from that region of eastern Ukraine. Let us remember that these images were recorded in Jersón. Russia is using pro-Russian militias from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in operations elsewhere in Ukraine. These troops are often poorly equipped and have very low combat morale, and have already staged some mutinies while be sent out of their regions.

In this other capture we see a tank hidden behind the bushes, off the road. It is possibly an old T-62, since these tanks have been seen in the Kherson area carrying the anti-missile grill that appears from the above the bushes. Judging from where the tank is, it is possible that it was left abandoned, as it is not as fast as wheeled vehicles (a T-62 can reach, at most, 50 km/h).

In this image we see the BTR-80, with a white V painted and covered with soldiers. Not being able to load more men, the author of the video has to find a place in the next vehicle.

The author of the video ends up getting on a Kamaz BPM-97 Vystrel, which was located a few meters ahead of the BTR-80. The BPM-97 is a four-wheeled vehicle of the MRAP type, that is, an armored vehicle designed to protect its crew against mine blasts.

An image showing the number of men on the BPM-97. This vehicle is designed to carry two crew members and four soldiers in its rear compartment. In addition to being completely inside, this vehicle possibly had 20 or 25 soldiers on it, some of them blocking the driver's vision.

Due to excess weight, excessive speed and the driver's reduced vision, the BPM-97 lost control, skidded off the road and overturned. The damage received by the soldiers who were traveling on top of that it must have been considerable. We are talking about a vehicle weighing 10 tons.

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