The Chechens themselves have published images of the devastating attack

Dozens of Chechen militiamen die in Ukraine due to an indiscretion on TikTok

In a war, information is a very powerful weapon, and mishandling it can end very badly for any army. In Russia it is a frequent problem.

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Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian soldiers and Wagner Group mercenaries have shown a reckless tendency to use social media, often revealing highly useful information to Ukrainian forces. Such indiscretions have already facilitated a few attacks by Ukraine's defenders against the Russians. One of the most devastating attacks occurred yesterday, due to the support of the Chechen militias.

Those Chechen forces, faithful to Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov, have committed all kinds of atrocities in Ukraine and have a habit of sharing many videos on this Chinese multimedia portal. A group of Chechen soldiers recently shared a video on TikTok showing their location in occupied Ukraine. They were using a school in the town of Kairy, in the Kherson region, as a barracks. Ukrainian forces managed to identify the location and launched an artillery attack on the building using M-142 HIMARS multiple missile launchers. The most curious thing is that the Chechens themselves recorded images of the result of the attack and shared them on TikTok. You can see here the images broadcast before the attack and those published after:

According to the PAP agency, Ukrainian attack has killed around 40 Chechen militiamen and injured more than 60.

In the video released by the Chechens before the attack we see the militiamen happy and confident. They showed their faces without any concern, and at the same time revealed significant details of their location (below these lines).

This is how some of the wounded were left:

And this is how the building they used as a barracks turned out:

A Ukrainian Telegram channel has posted photos of some of the Chechens killed in this attack:

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